Wednesday, February 15, 2017

February 2017

 Texas originals
We saw these while driving on the highway

After the parade, we grabbed something to eat
at the Longhorn and went to see the 
"December 1963" tribute to The Jersey Boys
at the Fun 'N Sun RV Park in San Benito.
 Great voices 
 and songs....they kept the crowd "groovin'"
Kathy, Wendy, Nancy, and blurry Jerry
got a "photo op"

On Saturday, the 25th, we went to Brownsville 
for the Charro Days parade. Charro Days was
initiated in 1938 to help lift the community spirits
during the Depression.  They decided to celebrate
the rich cultural heritage enjoyed with their Mexican
neighbors and dedicated this event to the bi-national 
friendship and respect for their traditions. There
were over 100 entries in the parade.
 Bob got "jailed" before the parade even started.
I bailed him out with a donation to the Historical Museum.

 The Shriners had a Bedouin band...they looked like
a bunch of our ancestors :-)
 Lots of school bands
 from Middle is a huge program
in the Texas schools
Something new to me...
 Even the churches were involved
This was a real "treat"
 If any of you were concerned...the Border Patrol
was there in full force....

 This was probably a good time for the drug dealers
to come across the border since it seemed like
all of the officers were in the parade.
They came on horseback and bicycles, too! 
 The planning committee...
 Cheerleading academy :-)
 one of many adult day care floats...The valley is
full of adult day cares which was a surprise to me!
 Our County Commissioner...his family sponsors a 5k/3K
run/walk in memory of his brother who died his senior year
at La Feria High School.  The money provides scholarships
for the high school students.  I won the 70+ women's walk
last year.
 One of the school bands
 giant burger
 Bi=centennial commission
 getting into the festive spirit...
lots of beautiful costumes and dancers
 Educational floats from pre-school through college
 public and parochial
 the little kids were really cute
 Every school district has specialized charter schools
which are public schools, but there is always a
waiting list to get in
Celebrating 80 years 
 with color
and music
 Of course, the fire trucks were a big hit
 This made me think of cousin Mark..get the pipes out again!
 Floats that came across the border had to be 
 but they made it!
 flying the US and Mexican flags
 They were very creative and colorful
 Texas has a lot of military academies for high school students
 This organization is similar to the Elks
 The Palo Alto Battlefield is part of the Texas parks system
 A non-floating float from the Port
 Soccer Academy
 Sombrero Festival is part of Charro Days
Muchos sombreros
 A family taco business and Taco Man
 Texas Southmost is now part of the University of Texas
Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) in Brownsville
 John Deere green looked great pulling the A & M float
 A family tortilla business.  We discovered that we can use
tortillas like Syrian bread when we can't find it here.
 Lots of these stores down here
 This is the closest we've been to "Fargo" in two months
A private academy
coolest car in the parade
HEB is the big grocery chain in Texas (and Mexico).
It was started by a man named Henry E. Butt, 
so you can see why only the initials are used!
The horses actually stopped and danced
right in front of us.  What an awesome
The ladies rode sidesaddle
Several KC Councils had floats
The Knights were in "full dress"
Mr. Amigo--a service organization in the Valley
Loved this ad....check the phone number :-)
An adult learning center...close to my heart
Crazy Chicken

The 24th was Art Nite in Harlingen.  Kathy, Wendy, and I
went and saw a variety of cool art.  I took only two pics:
 This is where Kathy takes art lessons.
I think this is a Texas mosquito! :-)

 On the 23rd we went out to the home of Luis, 
the man who brings his Texas bees to our farm in the summer
 We had a little (ha) trouble finding his home out in the country
 Luis grilled chicken, brisket, ribs, sausage, and lamb on his
mesquite-fired grill--and his wife made awesome
bean soup, rice, mashed potatoes and salsa
 He also had some honey wine! 
We met his family:  His father, George holding Bryce (4) 
and Angelic (7); his mother Maria; his wife Mary 
holding Articia (2); Luis with Darien (1); me, Bob, and Jerry
Wendy took the picture
 Luis and his dad made the grill
Luis took us out to see the watermelon fields 
where he puts his bees in the winter.
We were just in time to see the sunset.

Bob went biking on the beach again with Jerry and Dennis
I went line dancing and pickleballing instead
Wednesday, February 22nd.  I forgot to make
a cherry pie for George Washington's birthday :-(

We survived the pickleball tournament! :-)

When the thermometer hit 90, Wendy, Kathy, and I
preferred the pool

Some of the gang headed to Mexico, again,
and spotted this "fresh" oyster wagon.
they ate in a restaurant

On Feb. 15th we drove to Brownsville 
to play pickleball, but the court was set up
for the regional basketball tournament, so...
 we went to the Museum of Fine Arts where we 
found these metal sculptures...

a new bike for Bob,
 and also found the Costume museum, 
the Children's Museum, and a theater in the park 
before heading to the Vermilion--a local pub and grill,
for lunch
African pottery at the Fine Arts Museum

 On the 18th we went to the Museum of South Texas History
in Edinburg for their annual fiesta
 Luis, who brings his bees to our farm in the summer,
had a booth there
 including bees....and fresh honey
 native costumes, 
This guy sang "Red River Valley" at Bob's request
 and dancers entertained the crowd

A heartfelt birthday....

Valentine's Day dinner at Stefano's
 and back home for birthday cake
"the spirit of 76!" complete with chocolate and Elmo

A trip to Mexico on Feb. 10th
 to get the "dish" Alfonso painted from
the photo that Kathy took while flying over 
our farm in Jay's plane
Jerry B., Jerry F., Wendy, and Kathy help Bob
celebrate his "dish"

South Padre Island...February 11, 2017
 Wendy took these pics; I included them here to make you jealous

 Bob, Jerry F., and Dennis rode their bikes down the beach
Aftermath (and after beer)...relax!
 Why do they call it "sunbathing"...should be "sunbaking"
Hail, Hail, the gang's all here....Wendy and Jerry, Bob and Diane,
Dennis and Nancy, Kathy and Jerry

Neighbor Terry and I shared our tables for the VIP Park sale
 La Feria has two hurricane shelter domes
 The bricks are staggered to shear off the wind
 The U shares space with the city next to the dome
Inside the dome--possibly a future pickleball court???