Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January 2017

January 28th--heading to the Motown concert
(not in Detroit)
 at the Longhorn restaurant
 Did not eat this guy
 or these....
 Great concert--these guys came from Vegas to a park near us
Texas sky....
 We had supper at IHop and viewed the gackles on the wires
 Cousin Cody and Karin came to the Island for a winter break.
Cody farms our land.
Alfonso is the artist who painted our tractor and combine
on a tv dish.  Now he is doing a scene taken from nephew Jay's plane

January 20th
Marine Military Academy in Harlingen, TX, 
a high school for boys in grades 8-12
 Our guide was a retired marine who also was the
regional recruiter. They had students from all over the world.
 Encouragement? in the training room
 Signs in the dining hall where we ate lunch...
 Team leaders earned their ranks
 In formation to head to the dining hall...
Pretty stringent training at the academy.

January 14th
 We did the 5k walk across the causeway bridge 
from Port Isabel to South Padre Island 
with Dennis, Bonnie, and Wendy
 Great weather this year on Jan. 14th
 I was not "the leader of the pack"
Bob was ahead of me with the rest of the crowd
 Went to the Brewery for lunch afterwards with
Bonnie, Jerry B., Kathy, Jerry F., Bob, Dennis, Nancy, Wendy
Then we went to Clayton's for "dessert" :-)

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Christmas 2016

 Donna buys supplies in huge amounts--she 
has enough creamer for a couple of years!
 Cousin Pat and Donna relaxing
 Of course we had to have raw kibbee at Koury's
with cousins Sean and Pat
Spent some time at the pool, too!
Ashante and Sonnie (and her baby Skylar) came to
Donna's for lunch
Skylar was probably wondering who we were!!!
Dinosaurs (not the ladies pictured) and pot (not marijuana) holders
We ate Joe's Stone Crabs (thanks Lucy and Emilio)
and Aunt Lou's (thanks Mary Anne) spaghetti
on Christmas Eve