Thursday, May 11, 2017

"Its May, It's May...."

First and Last Days of Fifth Grade
at St. John's School for Andrew

 Andrew, Father John, the principal, and 5th grade teacher
 The kids played their guitars and recorders

 In addition to being a great student, Andrew received
the Citizenship Award for being the nicest and most helpful
Andrew and his proud parents

May 30th
 I was meeting Bob and Jimmy's train
in the Dells, but it was an hour late,
so I took a "Duck Boat" tour 
Newman's Dam was built in 1926 to hold back the
waters of Dell Creek and form the 250 acre Lake Delton.
In 2008, after torrential rains, the lake flooded over
a low riverbank and dumped 600 millon gallons of water
washing out roads and homes over the entire region.
Dawn Manor was built in 1855 by Captain Abraham 
Vanderpoel. It has three-foot thick sandstone walls and is
assembled with brass screws and wooden pegs. The last owner,
Mrs. Helen Raab, created a nature preserve on the grounds.

Spring has sprung; the grass is "riz"
We can see where the flowers "is"
Opening up the camper--lots of work to do :-)

On (to) Wisconsin!
Andrew celebrated his 11th birthday on May 4th, 
so we went bowling and played tennis.
Matthew made his First Communion on May 7th.
 Andrew was the only student chosen to read 
at the First Communion Mass
 Kelly and I cleaned and "organized" all week.
Jimmy came home from his spraying work in N.D.
on the train with Bob on Saturday.
 Father John, Matthew, and Pope Francis
Awesome chocolate cake :-)