Thursday, May 11, 2017

"Its May, It's May...."

Fifty years ago, Village Arts in Rugby
performed their first play,
"My Fair Lady."
This year, they did it again--with 
a mostly new cast! The girls actually
stayed awake through the 3 1/2 hour
production (and enjoyed cake and
lemonade during intermission).

This week we went swimming in Rugby and our pool, 
 Cecelia bubbles
 Lydia strained the grass and bugs out of the pool
Claire on the "banana boat"
Then we ate hamburgers at the "Music in the Park" 

and played "monkeys" at the playground.

On Thursday we learned about the plants that 
 help make a pizza,
 and we ate some of those treats.

Then, we went into every building at the Prairie Village Museum.
We played checkers at the General Store,
helped the lawyer (Claire) with her phone (Cecelia)
and business letters (Lydia),
 met Mr. Clifford Thompson
the tallest man from North Dakota,
 rode the train,
and served refreshments at the Saloon! :-)

Today we stopped at the Pierce County Courthouse
 and met the County Clerk of Court (Cody's wife Karin),
and then we had hot dogs, chips, lemonade
and ice cream at KZZJ, the local radio station.

Hanging out with farmers Cody and Bob 
after a weekend at the lake
 Yummy--smores :-)
 Tennis on the pickle ball court...using pickle balls
 Tree huggers with Lake Metigoshe sweatshirts
 Grampa found a real baby the Turtle Mountains
 Baby T
 "Weel Turtle"
Climbing Turtle Mountain

 Sleeping in the camper at the lake
 Big piggies at the Bottineau County Fair
 Claire had a butterfly painted on her hand
 Giant bouncy house
 Prizes from the "duck pond"
On "the farm"
Grampa Bob found out that the kids wanted to go 
camping, so he put the pickup camper behind the house.
They sleep better in there than Gramma Diane does!
 June 14th Flag Day gymnastics show featuring
Claire and Lydia as gymnasts
and Cecelia as announcer and ticket seller.

The thermometer on Monday, June 12th, 
rose to 82, so we cleaned our pool and started filling
it. We have had cool weather and rain ever since.
 I found some of the pool toys in the garage.
Surfin' in 1" of water :-)
Relaxing after cleaning the pool.

Swimming lessons started on Monday in Rugby.
 The kids' favorite activity was the "car wash"
that helped them get used to the water and 
to being splashed.  Claire (above)
and Lydia.  The kids had to tell the teacher
what kind of car they were, and then they
swam through the "wash" created by their
classmates' kicking from the side.

The girls and I left Buffalo (MN) on Sunday, June 11th,
heading to Manvel, ND, first to help Father Bernie
Schneider celebrate the 50th anniversary of his ordination.
Father served our church in Knox when all of our
kids were born.
En route we stopped in Grand Forks 
for a not-so-healthy treat.
Pope Francis even helped Father celebrate!
We finally arrived at the farm at 7 p.m.

I drove up to Ana's on Friday, June 9th, for a couple of nights.
The girls showed me their fairy gardens :-)
Cecelia and Lydia

The girls and two of their friends performed a show
that they had written--complete with costumes, 
props, and makeup!
 Riding in "the car" to a birthday party
 Opening presents

The cast and crew :-)
I think Rapunzel got arrested at the end--not sure!

Ari and I left Spring Green on Sunday.  On Monday,
Tom and Trina took Ari and SEVEN of her friends
to the lake to celebrate Ari's 13th birthday.
Jett and Caiden had "writing camp" in the mornings,
but we headed to the pool in the afternoons.

A couple of days after Andrew's graduation
Kelly and her friends took a weekend trip,
so I stayed to watch the kids...
 Matthew was getting down to business
 Grace helped play with Luke
 Ari stayed to help entertain all the kids
and play tennis with Andrew.
It was 87 one day, so we set up a sprinkler.  
The pool had not opened yet because the public
schools were still in session.