Monday, April 3, 2017

April Fools

I drove to Iowa on the 27th for the All Saints
Art Fair and "Read Out." Jett, Caiden, and Annika
had several art entries and also read the stories
they had written.  On the 28th, Ariana was
in the Regis Middle School musical,
"Thoroughly Modern Millie."

Headed to Ana's on the 25th--a day early 
because of a predicted ice storm in Fargo.
Had to stay overnight in Alexandria because
of the weather, but made it to Ana's on the 26th.
We swam and then ate at the
Mexican restaurant next door to the motel.

Happy Easter!
 Chocolate cake hiding under the frosting!!! :-)
 I found the Paas Easter kit in the cupboard.
I am sure it has been waiting for five years to be used.
Can you tell which of these eggs are raw???

We flew from Texas to Minneapolis on Thursday, April 6th.
Then we went to Wisconsin for one day, Iowa for one day,
and Minnesota for one day.
After almost four months away, we arrived 
home to read two weeks of mail
 The two suitcases came from Texas with us;
the rest of the stuff was in the pickup at Ana's all winter
 Corey, Ana, and Cecelia just got back from DC Sunday.
Claire and Lydia stayed home with Grandma Martin
 Trina was in Chicago with some friends when we got to Iowa,
so we visited with Tom and the kids.
Annika and Jett helped make the crepes on Sunday morning.
 We were all pretty relaxed after those crepes
Jimmy left for Killdeer to spray some crops after lunch on Friday.
We stayed to visit with Kelly and the kids.
Note what Bob is doing....(the hand on the right...)
 Andrew found a couple of quarters 
for his National Parks map
Bob and Luke analyze the news :-)

When this group arrived at the Brownsville Dome 
on Wednesday morning, the power was out, but
the emergency lights came on...and off...and on...and off...
I took a pic of the pickleball net anyway, 
so we can get one at home

 Harold and Pat invited everyone left in the park
to an empty-out-your-fridge potluck on Tuesday

Lawyer's office and sign across from the Harlingen
Community Center where we play pickleball

On Monday, Bob dropped me off at school
and drove to Mexico to get the tv tray that
Alfonso was painting.
We have a security camera on the garage at home 
and can view what's going on in the yard.  Bob
took this winter pic with the camera.  The
cart is Alfonso's street studio!!!
 At Alfonso's home in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico,
with our tray and his easel with his next painting.
 On the way back from Mexico, Bob spotted
the farmers harvesting their onion crop.
 When he picked me up at the school, he saw
smoke and decided to investigate. The farmer 
told us they had harvested the cane while it
was still green and were burning off the rubble.
 Green sugar cane field on the left; post-harvest on the right
A water pump next to the cane fields

 Sunday afternoon, I looked at the thermometer
and decided it was time to go to the pool
This is the temp at the pool!
Jerry and Wendy headed out on Sunday, April 2nd
Trying to clean out our fridges, we had an April Fool's
 "potluck" to get rid of a lot of food before everyone left.

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