Sunday, December 10, 2017

December 2017

Sunday, December 31st
We closed out the year and found
 St. Hugh's church down the street from Donna's

Cousins Rich and Carla, their kids and her parents
joined us, Corey and Ana, and Donna
 for an early New Year's Eve dinner.

We flew to Miami on the 27th to
celebrate New Year's at Donna's 
and attend the Orange Bowl game 
between Miami and Wisconsin 
on the 30th.

 "Flash" befriended some tailgaters and tried on
a "U" chain which is a symbol of a sack on the field
 Cousin Sean, Flash, and some tailgaters
 The Badgers take the field (and the game)
 The Hurricanes lost their wind in the 4th quarter
Halftime show at the Hard Rock Stadium

December 26th at the Mall of America
 The Mall used to be the Twins stadium...
Harmon Killebrew hit a 520 foot home run marked by the chair!

Christmas at Tom and Trina's 
There were 24 of us celebrating an Iowa Christmas.
The kids' shirts are a map of Iowa with a star 
by Cedar Rapids. They say, "Fritel Family
Christmas 2017"
The Gang's all here: Ariana, Andrew, Jett, Caiden, Claire, Matthew,
Annika, Grace, Cecelia, Lydia, R.J., Julia, and Luke
Key: Black, Trina's; Red, Jimmy's; Purple, Ana's; Blue, Sara's
 Mom, Dad, and "the kids"
 The Grinch even showed up :-)
 Yummy Joe's Stone Crabs--
Thank You Emilio and Lucy!!!
 Julia wanted to hang on Mommy's leg, 
but Trina and Sara wanted to hang on their mommy's leg
 Annika with the laughing dog!
 Grampa Bob and his "Pope Soap"
 Tom and Trina, our exhausted hosts
 The Grandkids exchanged names
 "Lucky 13"
Andrew and Tom discussing Lego construction...
Ana's girls opened gifts when we stopped
en route to Iowa.  They came down later
with some honey-baked hams--we brought
Theresa's German potato salad and macaroni
salad......mmmm, good!
 We swam at the pool in Buffalo
and the girls read stories to Grampa...
Go Dog Go! is a favorite for another generation.
First stop: Fargo, so Bob could check out the
Germans from Russia section of the NDSU library.
We visited our friend Ray in the nursing home,
and Diane did some shopping at the NDSU Bookstore.
 This was the weather we faced when we left home.

 Our tree--which is actually the top 
of Gramma Fritel's tree
Dec. 15-17 We went to the Farmers' Union
Convention in Bismarck
 View from our picture window
There's nothing like a North Dakota sunset!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

November 2017

Celebrating 47 years! :-)

Thanksgiving weekend: Ana and the girls came home:
 They found lots to do with the "old toys" at the farm.
 Lydia, Claire, and Cecelia
 Kathy whipped this up on Thanksmas morning.
Our theme this year was the letter "E"
 (Some of) the Fritel men
 Jill got a whole new set of encyclopedias!
 Doug became "The Elf" (not on the shelf)
with his prize gift
The gang is(n't) all here!

On Friday, we headed to Grand Forks to see "The Nutcracker"
and take in a hockey game.
 We posed with a ballerina.
 We sat in the mezzanine at the Chester Fritz...
Free time was spent in the pool.
 The girls had to take a pic with Uncle Jerry and Grampa
 Claire found a new friend.
 The girls were excited when they were on the big screen
at the hockey arena, but were tired after the overtime game.
But, we still managed to have a "pretend" birthday party
for Claire and eat ice cream and cupcakes!

Heading to Killdeer to visit Jimmy and Kelly--
we took two pickups because Bob was heading
to Wisconsin on Sunday and I was coming home.
A gloomy crossing over Lakes Audubon and Sakakawea
 Dunn Center is Jimmy and Kelly's new mailing address
 The road from the farm to Killdeer where their church
and school are located
 Luke and Matthew beat everyone to the breakfast table
By early afternoon they were ready for a nap!
...must be genetic
Ready for spaghetti!
The kids with both sets of grandparents
 Andrew and his friends....
Luke, Grace, and Matthew keep busy
The pickups and trailers are ready at 4 a.m. Sunday
as Bob and Jimmy get on the road to Wisconsin
to bring some of Jimmy's equipment to ND
 Is that a four-o'clock (a.m)-shadow, Jimmy?

When I arrived home on Sunday, I found
5" of snow in the yard.....but it's still Fall, isn't it?