Tuesday, November 7, 2017

November 2017

Heading to Killdeer to visit Jimmy and Kelly--
we took two pickups because Bob was heading
to Wisconsin on Sunday and I was coming home.
A gloomy crossing over Lakes Audubon and Sakakawea
 Dunn Center is Jimmy and Kelly's new mailing address
 The road from the farm to Killdeer where their church
and school are located
 Luke and Matthew beat everyone to the breakfast table
By early afternoon they were ready for a nap!
...must be genetic
Ready for spaghetti!
The kids with both sets of grandparents
 Andrew and his friends....
Luke, Grace, and Matthew keep busy
The pickups and trailers are ready at 4 a.m. Sunday
as Bob and Jimmy get on the road to Wisconsin
to bring some of Jimmy's equipment to ND
 Is that a four-o'clock (a.m)-shadow, Jimmy?

When I arrived home on Sunday, I found
5" of snow in the yard.....but it's still Fall, isn't it?

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

October 2017

We helped brother-in-law Jerry celebrate his birthday
on October 30th with pizza and chocolate cake--yummy! :-)

We flew to Cleveland on the 17th
to clean out my mother's condo,
attend the Hall of Fame induction at her law school,
see Donna's new condo, but mostly.....
to party at Mark and Kira's wedding
David and Susie treated us to dinner at Mahle's
the night before we left.
Bob, Leanne, Kira, Mark, David, Laura, Susie, Mary Anne
We invited all the family to "shop" at Mother's condo
(like a reverse "Antiques Roadshow") before we left town. 
Val and John found some "treasures."
 Party time!
 Ari and Grace
 Leanne, mother of the groom, and Bob
 Cousins Chrissy and Mary Anne
with Leanne's sister Nancy in the middle
 Jimmy and Ellen
 John, Ian, and Annika (with her doll)
 Mark and Leanne
 Cousins Pat and Susie with Bob and Val in the background
Caiden in front is pondering his next move
 Mark surprised Kira with bagpipe music
Ian did not appreciate "the piper"
 Cousins Sara, Katie, and Mike
 Cousins Matthew, Leon, Caiden, and Jett
danced up a storm
 Tim applauds Mark and Leanne while Ray poses for me
Tom, Trina, Val, and Laura

Mother was inducted into the 
Cleveland Marshall Law School Hall of Fame
with 119 others to celebrate the school's 120th anniversary
Donna gave the closing address.
Cousin Susie, also a Cleveland Marshall graduate,
was our mother's law partner for many years
before taking over the practice when Mother retired (at 91)
 The kids tried out the exercise equipment
 Muscle power
 Matthew, Caiden, Andrew, and Jett playing football in the pool
Annika, Ariana, and Grace


Note the "barn doors" on the closet
Living room
Looking toward the bedrooms
Guest bedroom with pics of the kids
a few photos yet to come
"Munchers" Pat, Bob, Sara, and Val
before we ate "Aunt Lou's spaghetti"made by Mary Anne
Sara must have been hungry!!!
Happy Harvest :-)
We went to Frances's house for breakfast after church,
and found these in her garden!

 This is the first batch--the rest are still orange/green
 Six pints of salsa and five pints of tomatoes
Kosher dill pickles

Friday, September 8, 2017

September 2017

Spring has sprung; Fall has fell (poor grammar, I know)
 Bob told me to take a picture of the crab apple trees
with the red tree north of the house.
This is the "red" tree :-)
(Actually it's a green ash tree)
Image result for Celtic Thunder
Fall means it's time for the Norsk Hostfest in Minot.
This year we saw The Celtic Thunder concert.
The guys wore these outfits to sing the Irish Anthem
and it means time to close up the camper...
Bob got 'er ready for winter :-)
The Fritel  Lebanese Restaurant
(I got ambitious one day!)
We flew out to visit Doug, Sara, RJ, and Julia
for Labor Day weekend

Bob and the kids enjoyed their back yard
Bedtime stories
for everyone!
Sara found the park next to the airport where....
grampa measured the decibels on his phone,
while we watched the planes take off over our heads
and Sara got a little exercise...
Grampa and Julia with "generational" telephones

Gramma read to RJ's Kindergarten class on Friday...
note the "stuffed Jesus" on the shelf :-)
Later, we went to play mini golf, but Julia preferred climbing

Doug beat us all, but RJ got a hole-in-one!!!
 so we celebrated with root beer floats.
Nothing like a little sugar before bedtime :-)
 Saturday was the National Book Fair
Author Sherri Duskey Rinker signed RJ's 
Steam Train, Dream Train book.
We had photo-ops with our new best friends...
Does anyone recognize this bunny?
Here's Maisy with the kids
 The family took a stagecoach ride...
and found Waldo!
On Sunday, Doug's dad took us for a ride on his boat.
Grampa Farmer Bob and Captain Grand Dad Bob 
 A great place for a nest
 Bridge across Chesapeake Bay
 The guys tried to fish....
 Doug baited RJ's hook....
 but we didn't have any luck that day.
 A beautiful sunny day on the water
We loved the scenery,
 saw lots of sail boats,
 Navy boats used by the cadets
 at Annapolis (a unique view from the water side of the campus),
 AND a Pirate Ship!
Even Pope Francis had a great time...
 and Julia celebrated her first ride on Grand Dad's boat!
 A windy day, so the water was a bit bumpy,
but Dramamine does work. :-)
 Doug's dad treated us to supper at Cantler's
right next to the marina.
Bob and Doug had to crack the crab legs
 I ordered. Yummy....Thanks everyone!