Monday, September 26, 2016

A Special Birthday Party

Pre-party reception started at 6:30 
in a room with a balcony overlooking the city.
Kevin is COO of the Foundation. He worked 
with Donna at HHS.
 The dinner was in the Rainbow Room at NBC studios.
Note the date and the time.
 The emcees were Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen.
 The Winton Marsalis orchestra provided music.
 Vernon Jordan praised the foundation and the President.
 Barbra sang some special songs.
 The President thanked the supporters of
the Clinton Foundation and the Global Initiative.
 Chelsea talked about her dad.
 Bon Jovi sang...
 Bono talked about meeting the President in Ireland
and thanked him for helping to bring peace
 Denis O'Brien expressed heartfelt appreciation
to the President for the peaceful solution to
"the troubles" in Ireland.
Donna and her boss
 Bob and the President talking about farming
 Fifteen years for The Clinton Global Initiative and
Seventy years for The President
Bon Jovi, Barbra, and Tony Bennett sing
"Happy Birthday" to the President
Kevin and Donna heading home....note the date and time--
that's AFTER midnight!

Friday, September 23, 2016

New York City and Brooklyn: April 16-17, 2016

On Saturday, Sept. 17th, we took the downtown tour bus
to the pier so we could get on the two-hour boat tour.  
The tour ended in Brooklyn, so we trudged uphill to
hop the bus for the Brooklyn tour before meeting
the family at the Queen restaurant for supper!

This is Brooklyn...there was a large Lebanese 
Community here in the early 20th Century!
We added to it on Saturday night with our Shalala,
Smith, and McGann (Irish side) family!
 Bud, Bob, And Donna at the restaurant 
Claude, Leon, Jennifer, and Michael John
Brooklyn Bridge from the Brooklyn side 
Center of the Lebanese community years ago...
The Sahadi bakery is still on this street, but the bus
went too fast for me to get a photo
Brooklyn history museum
The public library has 480 branches
Flatbush Avenue...
Yes, that is grass on the roof...a really "green" building
Oldest street in the city
Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite Church...
closed on Saturday
The main entrance of Our Lady of Lebanon
Lebanese restaurant in Brooklyn
The place to shop....
No, Jennifer doesn't live on this street!

Downtown and boat tour....
 View of Manhattan from the boat
 Angels at the entrance to Macy's 
 Brooklyn Bridge
Bob waiting to get on the tour boat 
 Some of New York's awesome architecture
 a lotta bull on Wall Street...
 I thought these guys were cute
 They look like line dancers :-)
 New York IS "The Empire State"
 We circled the Statue of Liberty
Hoboken, NJ, from the boat--no "old blue eyes" in this view
 The UND hockey team plays Boston College here on Dec. 3rd
 Freedom Tower view
 Oldest and largest Post Office in the US
You could take AMTRAK here from Rugby, ND!

We bought the 48-hour tourbook 
and took the uptown tour on Friday 
Do you love NY, Bob?
I think this is where John Lennon was shot 
Water towers on top of buildings provided needed pressure

 Our tour guide said this is where 
"the Sharks and the Jets" battled
in "West Side Story"
 Times Square
No, we're not in Mexico 
Art in the park
 Wax, anyone?
 Harlem Market
 Donna rented this condo for the year
Great location for walking everywhere

 View from the condo....taxis, taxis, taxis!
The first firefighters to respond to 911