Monday, February 29, 2016

Texas Fun in January and February

Fiesta La Feria
February 27th

 High school students doing a Mexican folk dance

 Scenes from the Fiesta La Feria.
Bob's sister Kathy and I sold tickets in the morning.
A mariachi band sang and played Hispanic music.
There was a street fair, an art show, a baking contest,
 and a rock 'n roll band, too.

The kids and the costumes were awesome!

Donna came to visit on Feb. 25th
 We took her to Clayton's
(the most popular bar on the island)

 D & D enjoying the nice weather

 Donna arrived in Harlingen, Texas,
before heading to a meeting in San Antonio

 Enjoying the sun!

 Didn't want Donna to miss South Padre Island


 Harlingen's downtown has over thirty murals

This old hotel has been renovated

 Memorializing the railroad 

 The History of Mexico mural came from California

Wall-sized example of pointillism

 We went to a lecture about Black History at the Harlingen Library
Jerry met Mark Twain there

Later, Bob and I grabbed a bite to eat--
This one's for Ana (our very own Chuck E. Cheese in her college days)

We went to the Texas Roadhouse for my birthday

 Bob asked the balloon man to make me a heart

 Cowboy hat for my line-dancing days

 I can't be THAT OLD, can I?

THIS is more like it, right?

Look what Bob found in Brownsville
(no, he did not buy it!)

 Bob poses on the boat tour of the Port of Brownsville
Yeah, I took my Dramamine :-)
Passing boat
Tour boat
Sliding drawbridge--pretty cool!
Dolphins racing our boat
Oil rig
More shrimp boats
One of the many "activities" in Mexico
Mexican haircut
Crossing the Rio Grande
They do find "entertainment" in Nuevo Progreso
After the Kite Fest, we went to "Parrot Eyes" to eat
Guess what Jerry, Dennis, and Bob are eating!!
The Para-Sailing boat was waiting for the guys at Parrot Eyes
Dennis went up first
Jerry "sailed into the sunset"
Bob took pics of the boat and the island from the air
The boat in the Laguna Madre
Bob's-eye view
Dennis and Jerry waving to Bob
 The Fest was also a competition--remote-controlled kites flew to music

 This kite "rolled" for two hours

The two round kites looked like Sumo-wrestlers :-)

 Nemo flew into the wind

Isn't he cute!

This was a spinning kite

Hundreds of awesome kites!

On Feb. 5th, Mollie B brought her "Polka Party"
to Texas (check her out on RFD TV)

We visited the Citrus Center 
and learned about new diseases and pests

Juicer at the Citrus Fest

Brother-in-law Jerry F. "was a 12-year-old orphan"
at the presentation about Orphan Trains

At South Padre Island beach with Diane's sand castle
Jerry and Kathy B., Jerry and Wendy F.,
Dennis and Nancy Doyle, Bob and Diane
Oyster time
Sisters-in-law Wendy, Diane, Kathy
Playing "Koob" on the beach
At Senor Donkey's restaurant after the beach
On January 9th, we walked the 5K across the Causeway bridge from Port Isabel
to South Padre Island and headed to the SPI Brewery to watch the Bison win 
their fifth National football championship.
The yellow shirt is from the Harlingen Festival on the 16th!
Bob bought a John Deere golf cart on the 23rd and added his own GPS.