Saturday, October 29, 2016

Fall Has "Fell" 2016

Fall means closing up the camper 
at Lake Metigoshe and heading
to the Norwegian "Hostfest" in Minot
View from our yard
 Prettiest time of the year at the lake! 
Note: the dominant Fall color in ND: Yellow
My flowerbeds, however, make me homesick 
for the Cleveland Fall colors
 Baby Spirea that I just transplanted
 Last year's baby Spirea
 Barberry and Spirea
 Two Spirea varieties and a different Barberry
 The oldest Spirea in the flowerbeds
 Three-year-old Spirea amidst Snow-on-the-Mountain
 Another older Spirea
Five-year-old transplant
 The Norwegian Hostfest is a big deal in ND
Mollie B is a popular country singer who was
trained in opera, but not "country." 
She comes to Texas to do concerts and dances every year.
 I think Neil Sedaka wrote every rock star's most 
popular songs.  He put on a great concert.
 Little Norwegian dancers
The "Ringling Five" are Montana ranchers
who apparently can't count, but can sing :-)