Wednesday, September 14, 2016

September Surprise! Sept. 2-5, 2016

 Peggy and I surprised Rick and Susan 
at their 50th Anniversary party
 Pope Francis blessed the celebrants
 Matt, Meg, Susan, Rick, Kate, and Anne
Only Anne knew that we were coming!
My picture of the wedding photo from Sept. 3, 1966
 Peggy and I drove around South Bend,
went to the mall with her granddaughter, 
and went to the grotto at Notre Dame.

On Sunday, September 4th,

 I flew to Cleveland to surprise Leanne and 
the family who gathered for a Labor Day picnic. 
Sue and John, Susie, Ellen, David, Leanne, Mary Anne,
Mark and Kira and I laughed a lot that day!  
We celebrated David (9/3) and Susie's (9/1) birthdays
 Mary Anne was in on this surprise
 Mark was the official "griller."  When Mary Anne
and I arrived, Mark told his mom that we were there.
Leanne, said, "Diane's not here, she's in North Dakota."
Mark told her, "OK, Diane's not here!"
 On Labor Day cousins Bev, Marcia and I headed South
Bev, Carol, Mark, Carl, Tripp, Marcia and I
enjoyed breakfast at Coppertop--Mark and Tripp
are Marcia's sons
Carol is Tripp's wife
Memorial to Marcia's daughter Mary Beth
and her husband Eddie 
 Cousins Jeff, Victor(93), and Edmund(88)
me, Bev, and Marcia at breakfast in Yellow Springs
Jeff, Ed's son, made supper for us on Labor Day 
 Victor and Edmund both attended Antioch,
and Vic taught here for many years
Marcia, Bev, and I stayed at the Jailhouse
Master Suite in Yellow Springs...we escaped on Tuesday!

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