Friday, September 16, 2016

McLean, VA, at Doug and Sara's Sept. 7-15, 2016

We went to Target...
 We played ball,
 went to the Building Museum
 built castles,
 ate lunch while Grampa was on a tour,
 and shared toys.
 Julia started preschool this year...
not without some tears.
 RJ's last "first day of preschool"--
next year he will be in kindergarten
 Sara left us in the car while she ran into Home Depot...
45 minutes later we had counted to 300, 
sang "100 bottles of milk on the wall backwards,"
had a tug-of-war with the car seat belts, 
and finally decided to go in the store to use the potty.
 At preschool open house, RJ found "crabby," the hermit crab.
 Sara got the bathroom shade exchanged,
and Doug installed it with Julia's "help."
 Both kids "helped" Dad and Grampa build a shed.
They measured...and measured...and measured,
 put up the walls,
 had help from friends Nick, 
and Joe.
 RJ helped Doug shingle the roof
 We went to the park to swing,
 and swing,
and have a picnic lunch while watching
The Teddy Bear Band.
 Look what we found in Sara's garden!
A daily routine--going to preschool! 

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