Friday, December 2, 2016

Fall Events and Thanksmas 2016

This year's Fritel Thanksmas was at nephew Brad and Maureen's.
They have a 3-car heated garage which was great for our gang (42)
The day after Thanksgiving, we headed to Grand Forks
for the UND hockey game and some pool time.
The grandkids are sporting their
"I survived Fritel Thanksmas 2016" shirts
Color code: Orange (Trina's), pink (Ana's) green (Sara's), blue (Jimmy's)
Julia would not sit by herself, so Sara got in the pic :-)

Scenes from Brad and Maureen's
First we ate (too much)
Getting ready for the gift exchange: Brad explains the "rules"
This year's theme was the letter "t" (we are spelling "Fritel")
Bob drew the lowest number, so he chose first
from the stack of gifts pictured below

 Nicole and Eric's new baby, Cora, met the gang on Thanksmas
 A variety of "characters" and a great choice of "t" gifts :-)
Front: Claire, Ari & Matthew, Jett & Caiden, Doug J. & Julia, Maureen & Haylee, Sara & RJ
Seated: Trina, Diane, Cecelia, Lydia, Nicole & Cora, Annika, Grace, Ana, & Samantha
Row 3: Bob, Brad & Kimber, Tom, Andrea, Kathy, Eric & Jace, Barb, Steve, Kelly & Luke
Back: Jerry F., Jerry B., Jill, Doug F., Jay, Connor, Suzanne, & Jimmy

Fun and games at the farm the whole week of Thanksgiving
with 22 of us sleeping in various locations in the house!
 Ari and Claire put on a show including "props"
which I am still finding under the furniture
 Gymnast Caiden. Does Ari look interested??
Attempt at a card game
 I think they're watching Charlie Brown
 Doug and Jett admire the Christmas tree
Bob cut from the barn that blew over at Ritterman's.
The sign was from the old KC hall in Rugby
 Julia and Doug
 Jimmy guards the bucket of German potato salad
 One quiet moment: Caiden, Grace, Kelly, Julia, and Bob
 Sara, Julia, RJ, and Doug enjoying our nice November!
 "Slide rules" Annika, Cecelia, Lydia
 Sasquatch Squad: Caiden, Annika, Ariana, Jett
Lunch bunch: Cecelia, Lydia, Claire, and Ari
Sisters-in-law at the UND hockey game
Diane, Barb, Kathy, Wendy

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Fall Has "Fell" 2016

Fall means closing up the camper 
at Lake Metigoshe and heading
to the Norwegian "Hostfest" in Minot
View from our yard
 Prettiest time of the year at the lake! 
Note: the dominant Fall color in ND: Yellow
My flowerbeds, however, make me homesick 
for the Cleveland Fall colors
 Baby Spirea that I just transplanted
 Last year's baby Spirea
 Barberry and Spirea
 Two Spirea varieties and a different Barberry
 The oldest Spirea in the flowerbeds
 Three-year-old Spirea amidst Snow-on-the-Mountain
 Another older Spirea
Five-year-old transplant
 The Norwegian Hostfest is a big deal in ND
Mollie B is a popular country singer who was
trained in opera, but not "country." 
She comes to Texas to do concerts and dances every year.
 I think Neil Sedaka wrote every rock star's most 
popular songs.  He put on a great concert.
 Little Norwegian dancers
The "Ringling Five" are Montana ranchers
who apparently can't count, but can sing :-)

Monday, September 26, 2016

A Special Birthday Party

Pre-party reception started at 6:30 
in a room with a balcony overlooking the city.
Kevin is COO of the Foundation. He worked 
with Donna at HHS.
 The dinner was in the Rainbow Room at NBC studios.
Note the date and the time.
 The emcees were Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen.
 The Winton Marsalis orchestra provided music.
 Vernon Jordan praised the foundation and the President.
 Barbra sang some special songs.
 The President thanked the supporters of
the Clinton Foundation and the Global Initiative.
 Chelsea talked about her dad.
 Bon Jovi sang...
 Bono talked about meeting the President in Ireland
and thanked him for helping to bring peace
 Denis O'Brien expressed heartfelt appreciation
to the President for the peaceful solution to
"the troubles" in Ireland.
Donna and her boss
 Bob and the President talking about farming
 Fifteen years for The Clinton Global Initiative and
Seventy years for The President
Bon Jovi, Barbra, and Tony Bennett sing
"Happy Birthday" to the President
Kevin and Donna heading home....note the date and time--
that's AFTER midnight!