Wednesday, July 29, 2015

July 15-23 Running Around

The ND Heritage Center in Bismarck recently expanded.
When we were in Texas, we learned that the ND Infantry
was sent to help guard the border with Mexico.
Had to have our pitchfork fondue and enjoy
the 50th Anniversary Musical at Medora, ND
Teddy and his buddy at the musical
We stopped in Iowa after our Rochester tour,
and left Trina and Ariana with a basement project!

Took a tour in Rochester, MN, en route to Tom and Trina's
The St. Francis sisters told the Mayo brothers that they
should build a hospital.  The brothers told the nuns,
"You build the hospital, and we will be the doctors."
So, the nuns built a hospital!
Entrance to the Charles Mayo home (now a museum).
Canada geese in a park in Rochester. (I think Bob would like to shoot them)
Plummer house is 300 feet long.
Dr. Plummer was married to the Mayo brothers' sister.
Shocks at the museum--ready for harvest.
Gift to the Mayo Clinic from King Hussein and Queen Noor
located in the Eisenberg building (no relation to DD)

Monday, July 27, 2015

Bob Gets some Exercise

Well.....he tried to straighten it out!

Between the Wedding and Reception, July 11th

Between the wedding and reception, we had time
to celebrate Tom's upcoming 40th birthday (7/16)
Caiden and Annika are anticipating the joy of cupcakes
We made a trip to Holy Cross Cemetery
to check out Grampa and Gramma's grave
Sara,Ana, Donna, Caiden, Trina, Annika,
Jett (trimming the grass, Bob, and Tom

Bobby and Lyndsi's Wedding: July 11, 2015

Bobby waits 
I now pronounce you ......
The "Mrs. McGanns" with Bobby
Chris (Danny), Debbie (Ray), Aunt Lou (Uncle Bob +),
Lyndsi (Bobby), and Leanne (Kevin+)
Debbie gets Aunt Lou to dance
Bobby and his Grandma
A photo of Bobby's parents (Bob and Lynne, both deceased)
at their wedding was placed in the front pew at the church
Caiden and Jett help the DJ
I think Leanne is giving dance instructions
to Chrissy, Chris, Debbie, and Aunt Lou
Cousins Mary Anne and Mark
Cousins Susie and David
Bobby and friends
Mr. and Mrs. McGann

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Family and Friends: July 1st - 6th!

Sara's friends Brandie, Hilary, and Logan 
came from DC to visit North Dakota
Brandie, Logan, and Hilary at the Pierce County Fair
Doug, Julia, RJ, and Sara pretend to be farmers
Everyone was excited to see the racing pigs.
Bob helped Daryl get the pigs ready!
I bet on the yellow; the blue won!
RJ and Logan are ready for the pool's cold

We celebrated Hilary's birthday at Lake Metigoshe
(July 3rd)

Then we drove over to Steve and Barb's cabin
Kathy, Barb, Maureen and new baby Haylee,
Bob holding Kimber

 Julia meets her cousin Kimber
Brad and Maureen's daughter who is six months older than Julia


Cousin Parker (6), 
Blaine and Denise's son, 
thought they were cute

 Hilary, Brandie, and Logan arrived on July 1st and left on the 4th
We went back to the fair on the 4th to the petting zoo 
and to watch the racing pigs again
Julia made friends with a lamb
RJ (and everyone else) just had to have mini donuts...
Doug and RJ played with water...
watched the 4th of July parade....
and got lots of candy
We stopped at Kathy and Jerry's en route to the Minot airport
Sara, Julia, Julie, Reed (1 week older than Julia),
and Jerry
Julie holding Dane (6), Brody (5) is on the couch, Sara, 
Bob,  Doug with Reed, Jerry, and Kathy

Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Gang's All Here: June 24-30

Tom and Trina came in their new vehicle
which looked like the old one to me
Jimmy and Kelly brought their camper
Corey and Ana rented a motor home

The kids love the pool 
Lifeguard Doug keeps busy
He works at little pools, too :-)
Grace is a bit apprehensive
The "banana" floats were popular
The pool hasn't been this busy for quite a while

The boom truck was a big hit!
Tom and Caiden push Andrew and Matthew
while RJ and Doug watch
Annika's turn
Ari and Cecelia (I think) swing
Lydia and Claire watch
Swingin' Claire and Lydia
Grace's turn
Andrew, Jett, and Annika
Grampa was busy all weekend!

We flew kites, learned to play Koob,
rode in the Gator, and made footprints
Up they go....
A great day for flying
The kids took "Koob" lessons
Gator rides were popular
Ari made (and sold) bracelets
Luke makes an impression
Julia puts her foot down
RJ made a great print
Bob had some help!
The kids painted fuel tanks, but I didn't get a pic
Check Sara's blog for that one
Doug paints the trim on the barn...
and trims trees
Tom and Jett remove the old shingles

We played basketball (no pics except the one below with 
Tom "on the ball"), ate a lot of food, and sat around
Discussing "Subway"?
Sara shows Ariana her foot and hand prints
on the tee shirt made by Ana and Sara
in 2004
I think Grace and Sara were singing here
Hanging out behind the camper
Future tennis star!
Late night discussion
We celebrated Julia's first birthday  

Julia tests the chair Grampa made for her
 Jimmy got his own cake, too!
Luke is wondering who all these kids are
I think we have some monkeys in the family--
Julia, Matthew, and RJ
(Trina and Sara made the swing in Vo Ag class many years ago) :-)
We ate and ate and ate
Went through a lot of "Theresa's" German potato salad
This was the quiet table :-)

And, of course, we took pictures
of us trying to take pictures 
The kids wearing their "Friend of the Lyric" (local movie theater) shirts
and the sunglasses from the Credit Union for making deposits to their accounts
Do we LOOK ready?
Not sure what this discussion is about
Tom, Claire, Ana, Luke, Cecelia, Ariana, Grace, and Kelly
Trina is probably trying to arrange the photo 
One attempt at a family shot
The gang's all here (except Mom who is taking this pic)