Sunday, January 18, 2015

December 2014

December 7th at Ana's in Buffalo, MN
Celebrating Claire's 6th Birthday early with a "pretend" party
Her birthday is Dec. 15th
Ana showing Bob how to use his new phone

December 13, 2014 In Cleveland for Mother's funeral
Sara, Andrew, and Donna (working?) in the limo
Trina, Claire, Ana, and Bob riding in style
Annika, Claire, Grace, and Julia in Cleveland 
    (Trina's, Ana's, Jimmy's, and Sara's )                 
Doug, Sara, RJ, and Julia in Cleveland
for Sitoo's funeral
December 20, 2014  
Christmas Program rehearsal in Buffalo 
before we headed back to Cleveland for Christmas
Three little angels looking so innocent before rehearsal:
Cecelia, Claire, and Lydia (note Lydia's footwear)
Is anyone ready?  Virgin Mary in red on left;
Lydia (with a boot and a shoe),
Cecelia (chewing on fingers), Claire (trying to listen)
December 25th 
Family Christmas celebration
 at John and Tina's

The girls with their jelly and spreaders at John and Tina's on Christmas Day
Back: Madison, Katey, Sara, Tina, Leanne (partly hidden), Ann Marie (hidden, too), Kathryn, Donna (hiding?), and Marissa
Front: Debbie (seated), Chrissy, Mary Anne, Susie, Aunt Lou, and Diane
Ian: "Mommy, Aunt Donna said I could open this!"
Nolan, Macie, and Casey entertaining Ian and Marissa
December 27th, 2014  Back in Minnesota--
ready to drive to Texas
Day 1 of our adventure
We picked up our vehicle at Corey and Ana's in Buffalo, MN
Sorry, we didn't have time to shovel your snow, Ana!

We stayed in Mount Pleasant, IA, and saw the Christmas Display in the park
This house was actually flat, but it looked like it was 3-D 
Two Turtle Doves

Five Gol--den Rings
Six Geese a Laying
(The rest of the photos were blurrier!)
Day 2, Dec. 28th: On to Missouri

 We went to Hannibal, MO, to visit Tom Sawyer and the "fence" of fame.
I had two cameras and a phone, and this is the only picture that I could find 
when I started to do the blog
Then we went to St. Louis to see the Gateway Arch
Cousin Bud said he watched the Arch being built when they lived in Granite City.
 That night we stayed in Osceola, Arkansas, on our way to see Johnny Cash.

Day 3, Dec. 29th:  First, we headed to Dyess 

(they pronounced it "dice")
The home is not finished, so we could view it only from the outside
Bob had read that Johnny Cash grew up on a sharecropper farm,
so we had to see it for ourselves
This combine was in a rice field near the Cash farm
The town looks still looks Depression-Era 
Next Stop!!!
Dining room
I checked, but Elvis had left the building
Guess who pays for the upkeep of National Historic Places...
The whole family is buried in this graveyard
Stairway to the second story--closed to the public

The inside of Elvis' jet is as extravagant as Graceland
One little kid asked his mom why Elvis had so many cars!
When we left Graceland, we headed to Gus's for fried chicken!
Watching the ducks waddle in and out of the pond
at the Peabody Hotel is a "must see" for Memphis
We did see this carriage in front of the Peabody 
--tempting, but it was 40 degrees, so we passed up the "opportunity"
St. Jude Hospital in Memphis
St. Jude in the main entrance
Birthday party for Danny Thomas

Memorial to Danny Thomas
Wall of Fame
Philosophy of ALSAC

From Memphis we headed to Little Rock, Arkansas 
to see the Clinton Presidential Center
The second time we entered Arkansas

Day 4 December 30: Little Rock and Hope
Clinton Presidential Center
Clinton School of Public Service

Bob and Diane at the President's desk

Diane sitting in Donna's HHS chair

Chihuly at the Clinton

Bob as the new Secretary of Agriculture 
From Little Rock we drove to Hope, Arkansas

Bill Clinton's birth home
And then we went to Texarkana
Bob is in Texas and Arkansas

View from the Book Depository
Dealey Plaza Memorial

Map of the Plaza

Zapruder photo just before the president was shot

Memorial to Zapruder
We drove to Austin to Dolores Church on Montopolis Drive

My first teaching job was with Catholic Lay Mission Corps
 just south of Austin.
The school and barracks where we lived are all gone,

 but the church is still standing.

The grotto across the driveway from the church.
The priest opened the church for us, but he said that they keep everything locked.
We drove to Fredericksburg, Texas, from Austin--passing the LBJ Ranch en route, but it was closed.  The church in Fredericksburg was beautiful, and we got there in time for 5:30 Mass on New Year's Eve.
After New Year's Eve Mass, I snapped this photo.

January 1, 2015 in Fredericksburg.  
The National Museum of the War in the Pacific has three buildings: 
One dedicated to artillery, one to Admiral Chester Nimitz, 
and the third to the World War II battles in the Pacific.
B 25

Field Hospital
PT Boat
Memorial to all branches of the armed forces

After more than three hours at the Pacific Museum, 
 we didn't forget to stop in San Antonio
We remembered the Alamo