Friday, December 4, 2015

Thanksmas 2015 in Grand Forks

We stayed at the waterpark at the CanadInn in Grand Forks
It's a paradise for the kids!
Ana and Lydia come down the waterslide
Ari and Cecelia land
Ari and Claire under the dumping bucket
Ana and Trina "playing lifeguards"
Thanksgiving morning breakfast: Ana supervises :-), Trina "shoots"
Lydia, Annika, Cecelia, Caiden, Jett, Claire, Ariana
Diane, Tom, and Bob are in the background
Lydia, Annika, and Cecelia try out the hot tub
Thanksmas night bedtime snacks
Trina, Anni, Ari, Caiden, Lydia, Jett, Cecelia, Claire, & Ana
Ari, Claire, and Jett discuss the "ride"
I think this is Ari and Jett
We played "tag" after breakfast
Caiden is being attacked by Lydia and Cecelia
Cecelia, Lydia, Jett, and Ari share a "group slide"
The big boys playing with Bob's new toy
Actually, Tom is trying to get the new IPad working :-)
Not really ready to go home, but waiting for Mom to pack the car
Waiting for Dad to bring the vehicle over

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