Wednesday, July 29, 2015

July 15-23 Running Around

The ND Heritage Center in Bismarck recently expanded.
When we were in Texas, we learned that the ND Infantry
was sent to help guard the border with Mexico.
Had to have our pitchfork fondue and enjoy
the 50th Anniversary Musical at Medora, ND
Teddy and his buddy at the musical
We stopped in Iowa after our Rochester tour,
and left Trina and Ariana with a basement project!

Took a tour in Rochester, MN, en route to Tom and Trina's
The St. Francis sisters told the Mayo brothers that they
should build a hospital.  The brothers told the nuns,
"You build the hospital, and we will be the doctors."
So, the nuns built a hospital!
Entrance to the Charles Mayo home (now a museum).
Canada geese in a park in Rochester. (I think Bob would like to shoot them)
Plummer house is 300 feet long.
Dr. Plummer was married to the Mayo brothers' sister.
Shocks at the museum--ready for harvest.
Gift to the Mayo Clinic from King Hussein and Queen Noor
located in the Eisenberg building (no relation to DD)

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