Friday, July 24, 2015

Doug and Sara Came on June 20th

When we met them at the Minot airport,
they were pretty excited to ride in Grampa's new pickup
RJ helps Doug load the suitcases 
Julia (wearing pink) made some friends after church on Sunday
We went to Phil and Lisa Volk's
and learned about chickens and horses
RJ was the first to swing on the boom cable
He found something to climb, too
Julia thought it was safer to just watch

 On the way to Lake Metigoshe,
we stopped to see the sights
Doug and RJ climbed "Weel Turtle"

Skis at the entry to one of the buildings
at Bottineau Winter Park
It's almost two o'clock at the International Peace Garden
on the US/Canadian border
Three generations at the Peace Garden
RJ did not want to be in two countries at the same time
At the Nature Center, Doug pays his taxes to the eagle
named Uncle Sam
"Kids'" corner for big and little ones
Mystical Horizons north of Bottineau was built to demonstrate
the sun's location during the solstice and equinox.
We were there on the right day, but at the wrong time
Sundial at Mystical Horizons
We were here on June 21st, but didn't wait for the sun to set at 10:00 p.m.
because the kids were sleeping in the car
This is what we saw on the way home
North Dakota rainbow
Sun setting over the wind towers near Wolford
Eerie, yet beautiful
Windmill north of our farm

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