Monday, July 27, 2015

Bobby and Lyndsi's Wedding: July 11, 2015

Bobby waits 
I now pronounce you ......
The "Mrs. McGanns" with Bobby
Chris (Danny), Debbie (Ray), Aunt Lou (Uncle Bob +),
Lyndsi (Bobby), and Leanne (Kevin+)
Debbie gets Aunt Lou to dance
Bobby and his Grandma
A photo of Bobby's parents (Bob and Lynne, both deceased)
at their wedding was placed in the front pew at the church
Caiden and Jett help the DJ
I think Leanne is giving dance instructions
to Chrissy, Chris, Debbie, and Aunt Lou
Cousins Mary Anne and Mark
Cousins Susie and David
Bobby and friends
Mr. and Mrs. McGann

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