Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Devils Lake Tour: June 17, 2015

The ND Water Education Foundation and the 
Devils Lake Basin Water Resource Board hosted a tour
of the devastation created by Devils Lake flooding.
We toured the area north and west of Devils Lake,
saw a lot of water, and visited with people whose lives
had been dramatically changed by the flooding.  Impact 
losses this year are estimated at 145.8 million dollars.

Bob at Bobber's--a weekend pub at Woodland Resort

These three pics are for Jimmy and Doug Fritel!
(the family fishermen)

The new Minnewaukan school was built a couple of miles
northwest of the old one

Pumping stations were built on the west side of Devils Lake
to pump the water to the east side to mix with the higher
sulfate water on the east before pumping it to the Sheyenne River.
We were told that they have pumped more water to date
than was in Devil's Lake to start with in 1988!

This is the West End Outlet Outfall Structure
(the closest thing to Niagara Falls in ND)

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