Friday, April 3, 2015

Martin time in Texas: Jan. 29-Feb. 2, 2015

South of the border....

Grampa, Lydia, Cecelia, and Claire crossing the Rio Grande

Grampa stakes his claim at Granny Clare's 

"Granny Claire"

Ana and the girls arrived on the late flight--jammie time

After playing with turtles and pirates, we were ready for sea food

Lydia, Cecelia, Claire, and their pirate friend


Awesome pirate family

South Padre Island: Home of turtles, pirates, sand, and water

Cutest turtles at the turtle rescue center

We fed "Gerry" some lettuce (that really was his name)

Big, hungry turtle

Uncle Jerry and Aunt Kathy arrived just in time to help!
(Jerry, Claire, Cecelia, Kathy, Lydia)
We went to the mariachi Mass at the San Juan Basilica
Beach bums-after picking three pails of seashells
Lydia splashes in the kiddie pool at The Pearl condo
Cecelia slides :-)
These "slide rules" differ from the ones we used in high school math!
Cecelia's castle
Claire's tower

Corey's volcano

Lydia "bakes" blocks

They saw seashells by the sea shore

Going down

Lydia, Cecelia, Mommy, and Claire at the Harlingen airport

119 steps to the top of the Port Isabel lighthouse--whew!

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