Saturday, April 4, 2015

February 2015: Miami and Whitefish

After a month in La Feria, Texas, Bob and Diane flew to Miami on Feb. 3.  Bob left to ski with Tom, Jett, and Caiden on the 24th.  Diane went to DC from Miami for a few days with Doug, Sara, RJ, and Julia.  We were both back in Texas in March.
Pat Cloherty, Aunt Lou, Bob and Diane,
and the Painted Eucalyptus tree at Fairchild
Donna, Aunt Lou, Paola, and Bob at one
of our special "Event" meals

Rick and Susan Sullivan just happened to be in Florida,
so they made a long drive down to visit with their sister-in-law Marilyn, 
daughter Meg, and Meg's husband and daughter
Flash and Pat Cloherty after one of  Aunt Lou's great meals
One of the many meals in Miami--this one at Koury's
(Cousin Rich Betor with Emma, Ellen Fleyscher, Aunt Lou, Cousin Pat Smith,
Bill Green, Pat Cloherty, Rebecca Fox, Donna, Bob, Diane, Cousin Fifi Smith,
Cousin Carla Betor with Chloe)
Niece Ann Hall, with Brayden, Lucas, and Zoey came
for lunch and a swim with Trina and the girls

Bob, Tom, and Jesus on Big Mountain in Whitefish, Montana
(selfie by Bob who left Miami on Feb. 24 to go skiing)
Friend Alice Weis came to visit and had a fatire-making
session with Cousin Stephanie and Diane

Alice, Sebastian, and Diane

Thanks Rich and Carla for the family fun and meal at the Riviera
(John, Valerie, Alice, Diane, Aunt Lou, Carla, Rich--the girls were playing!)
Cousins Bob and Barb Stelma arrived in time to see Trina and the girls
Annika and Ariana celebrating Barb's birthday

We went to The Fairchild Tropical Gardens--
 weren't sure what this was, but it was interesting
Bob and Barb at the "blue" Chihuly 
 Bob and Barb with my favorite Chihuly

Bob examining a seed pod at Fairchild

We show our colors at the Miami girls' basketball game
after the Women's Athletic Assn. luncheon honoring Donna
Cousins John Smith and Valerie Day came to perform at the U--
(check them out--Google "Nu Shooz")
  Thanks, Aunt Lou for keeping our tummies full!
(Diane, Alice, Aunt Lou, Donna, John, and Val)
The UM girls' basketball players held a "clinic" 
after the game for all the kids
Anni makes a hooper

Ariana does some fancy dribbling 
Yeah, I know it's sideways, but it wouldn't delete--Ana, Help!

Ariana scores two!

 We love Sebastian

 Donna shopped for the girls

Annika and Sweetie

"Maniac" was happy to see everyone again

Cousin Michael Lee surprised us at The Daily Bread

Lunch with Donna at the U

Our Cuban cousins came for Aunt Lou's famous spaghetti

Cousin Pat, Donna, and Diane are the same age for nine days--
then Pat is "older" :-)
Celebrating Pat's birthday 
Pat and Aunt Lou
We crossed the Everglades to visit cousins
Phil and Peggy Shalala in Bonita Springs
(Bob, Diane, Peggy, Aunt Lou)
"Flash" taking a flash of fatire filling at one of our many sessions
(How's that for alliteration?)

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