Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Busy March in Texas

Bob and "the Jerrys" at South Padre Island
The courtyard at UT Brownsville after a history of Texas lecture
The waiters sang "Happy Birthday" to Delores at the Olive Garden
Kathy, Diane, Charlotte, Delores, Wendy, and Nancy
Bob kills a peg
Diane and Nancy "Koob-ing" (Kubb?)
Art by Mattei at one of the many Harlingen art displays
I liked Mattei's iron works more than his carvings
The neighbors at Citrus Village had their own St. Pat's parade!
Modern stained glass at Mary Immaculate church in Harlingen
More windows
Mexican army at the Texas Independence Day Celebration
in San Benito
Bob signs the Texas Declaration of Independence
Listening to the music
Texas history
We didn't "trade"
The Mexican Army takes The Alamo
Kathy and Jerry check out the barbecues
Lunch at the New York Cafe in Harlingen
with Gary and Bobbi Mitzel
Do they look like tourists?
An invitation too good to resist! 
Nuevo Progreso Parade
Pics like this make Diane glad she stayed home! :-)
Jerry Blessum, Bob, Jerry Fritel, Dennis Doyle

 Betting on the horses at the year-end campground picnic

 Bike racers

One of the vehicles in the cart races

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