Wednesday, December 9, 2015

December 2015 Fun

December 10-12 
We took the pickup to Bismarck and
had left our car at the Cenex in Rugby.
Bob got the "fun" job when we returned
We shared a banquet table with
Mark, Mindy, Drew, Brody, and Carter (and Pope Francis)
at the Farmers' Union Convention in Bismarck

Mindy and I taught together in Wolford

December 4-5
Sioux Hockey in Grand Forks

We took the Pope to the UND hockey games Dec. 4-5
at the Ralph Engelstad Arena in Grand Forks

Doug and Jill's seats are across the aisle from us
The Engelstad holds over 11,000 screaming fans!

The Sioux (now Hawks) "swept" Denver

We stayed at the Knight's Inn (Good Knight!)

December 1  The Air Force production in Minot
Tops in Blue is the US Air Force traveling show
They were in Minot on Dec. 1st
Recognize anyone? The little kids loved this!
The ladies had a little help from their friend!
One of the performers did a tribute to Frank Sinatra "his way"
(a moving performance on the violin)

Friday, December 4, 2015

Thanksmas 2015 in Grand Forks

We stayed at the waterpark at the CanadInn in Grand Forks
It's a paradise for the kids!
Ana and Lydia come down the waterslide
Ari and Cecelia land
Ari and Claire under the dumping bucket
Ana and Trina "playing lifeguards"
Thanksgiving morning breakfast: Ana supervises :-), Trina "shoots"
Lydia, Annika, Cecelia, Caiden, Jett, Claire, Ariana
Diane, Tom, and Bob are in the background
Lydia, Annika, and Cecelia try out the hot tub
Thanksmas night bedtime snacks
Trina, Anni, Ari, Caiden, Lydia, Jett, Cecelia, Claire, & Ana
Ari, Claire, and Jett discuss the "ride"
I think this is Ari and Jett
We played "tag" after breakfast
Caiden is being attacked by Lydia and Cecelia
Cecelia, Lydia, Jett, and Ari share a "group slide"
The big boys playing with Bob's new toy
Actually, Tom is trying to get the new IPad working :-)
Not really ready to go home, but waiting for Mom to pack the car
Waiting for Dad to bring the vehicle over

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Coming home to Hunting Season --Oh Deer! Nov. 3-8

Saw this sign en route to a Minot shopping spree
This is Sam and Zach's business
(Cousin Larry and Karen's sons)

If you look carefully, you can see the Pope
with Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox
Grace is ready to hunt with Daddy (Jimmy) and Grampa Bob
Yes, you need to color-coordinate your hunting gear!      
We made brownie-cookies, but Gramma left them in the oven too long
We ate them anyway! :-)

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

New York, New York October 31-November 3

Instead of going back to Donna's,
we hung out on 46th near the Richard Rodgers theater 
because President Obama was arriving for the production of "Hamilton."
Donna said it was a special fundraising performance.
The police were preparing for the President's arrival.
(They actually blocked off the street and made everyone leave
before the President's entourage arrived).

"Hamilton" is the "hottest" show in town.
Note the security and police guarding the theater.
A canopy was set up to conceal the President's arrival.
We watched the security build-up for an hour!
One of the many security vehicles along the street.
We had a great dinner with "Flash."  She worked for Fox News
for many years and has met a lot of "celebrities" (besides herself).
She has many stories to tell!
On our way back to Donna's, we decided to hop a tour 
of Lower Manhattan
This 1925 West 32nd Street skybridge used to connect Gimbels with an annex.
It is no longer used.
Ellis Island is in the background
An American flag was flying from the construction crane.
The Statue of Liberty greets the shoppers
along the shore of the Hudson River
The tour bus approaches Times Square
The Peace Tower
Our second stop on Monday was at the Intrepid museum
(we were happy to stop after walking about a mile from Donna's office).
LEGO replica of the Intrepid at the museum
Bob and the Russian Mig  M15

On the deck of the Intrepid aircraft carrier

Our first stop on Monday was Donna's office
at the Clinton Foundation
Donna (and the Pope) at work
Donna's aide Allie Gottlieb giving Bob directions to the Intrepid Museum
Native American beadwork at the office
View from Donna's office
We had breakfast with Donna and Philippe (friend of cousin Rich Betor)
on Sunday morning before heading to Mass at St. Patrick's
Brass doors at the entrance to St. Patrick's Cathedral
This is for Katie Volk Dilse whose Confirmation name is Kateri
Diane and Pope Francis before Mass on Nov. 1st

We flew into NY on Saturday, Oct. 31st. Then we ran errands with Donna.
Donna took us to see "An American in Paris" on Broadway in the afternoon. 
  After the theater, Pat Cloherty took us to dinner at the 21 Club.
Pat had Halloween masks for everyone! (Donna, Bob, and Diane)
Donna and Bob
Ellen Fleysher (Flash), John Shley, Pat's Peace Corps friend,
and Pat Cloherty.  John had a chicken farm in New Jersey. 

He told some great stories about chicken farming in Brazil.
Cousin Michael John McGann