Friday, June 20, 2014

Miami--May 28-June 17

I met cousin Barbara Marks and her husband Allan.  She said she hasn't seen me in 70 years!

Cora Ann saved this baby peacock when its mother left.

Flower and fruit on a banana tree (plantains, probably)

Maniac helped us cheer for the "Canes"

Future Monarch butterfly

Four generations :-)

The girls found a "lady friend" at the park

Sonny and mother at Pinecrest Gardens

On the wagon--coming back from the Pinecrest farmers' market

Rub-a-dub cool, three girls in the pool

The splash pad at Pinecrest Gardens was kid magnet one day

Sweetie the lifeguard watching over us

Canes--we're cheering for U

Swingin' and building at the park