Friday, March 28, 2014

March 2014: Heading home via Cleveland and Buffalo (MN)

I haven't figured out how to put these in chronological order, so use your imagination! :-)
Claire was "beam-ing"
Gymnast and her fans

Three leprechauns greeted me in Buffalo

During my four-hour layover in Cleveland, I took pics at the office

Susie and David took me to lunch, to the office, and shopping for Lebanese bread
Ready for beddie

I got stuck--glad I paid my AAA

We became bikers the day after Mommy and Daddy left

This is mother playing at Forest Hills in 1937
Corey, Ana, and the girls came to swim at the motel
Swimmers: Cecelia, Lydia, Claire (I think)
The girls are "puzzling"
The snow princesses had "snow-eo-porosis"--they shrunk every day
Tom and the kids create a "photo op"
Ariana opens her hair salon
Claire's new "do"

The hot tub was more popular than the cold pool

Ana celebrates her "non-event"--the kids made the cake!

Mother is a member of the Cleveland Sports Hall of Fame

Saturday, March 22, 2014

March 2014: Miami

Maniac posed with Katey and Mike's family at the baseball game
Macie had her face painted at the Irish Festival

Maddie and Katey got "feathered" (but not tarred)
Trina and Ari "hanging out" while Annika is napping

I probably could have handled this merry-go-round, but they only let Macie on

Trina and the girls arrived a half hour after Katey and Mike left
We shopped at our "favorite" store
Four generations!


Young students doin' the jig

Who is the tallest?

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

February 2014 in Miami

Maniac joined us at the first baseball game of the season

Sebastian greeted us at the basketball game

Cousin Leanne came for some R 'n R

Hillary came to speak at the U

Donna read some questions from the students

We had supper with our Cuban cousins

Birthday party for RJ, Donna, and Diane

Donna and RJ discuss his gifts--check out the new book!

RJ thought spinning spoons was fun--he hasn't discovered the nose trick yet
Chad, Ann, Lucas, Zoey, and Brayden came with Chad's parents

We went to South Beach and mother went along for the ride :-)

Bob, Mother, and Sunny examine the beach

Doug and RJ play in the sand

Maybe we should go into the ocean!

View from the pool deck at the South Beach condo

The South Beach condo on Ocean Drive

Condo bedroom

Living room from the kitchen area--Bob and Phil Shalala

Walk-in shower for sand removal

Sara and RJ after his swim

World's coolest sink
We took Phil and Peggy Shalala to South Beach

Phil, Peggy, and Diane at South Beach

Cousins Phil, Peggy, and Leanne with us at the Lebanese restaurant

Donna had an "event" around the pool
Burnie, the Heat mascot, greeted us at the game
They really did have "heat" at the game
We had courtside seats!

Kitchen and dining area

Maniac and Donna enjoy milkshakes at the game