Monday, December 1, 2014

19th Annual Thanksmas 2014

The traditional Fritel family "Thanksmas" was at the funny farm this year.  Jimmy, Kelly, Andrew (8), Matthew (5), and Grace (4) from Wisconsin arrived at the farm on Tuesday.  Anastasia, Claire (5), Cecelia (3), and Lydia (3) came from Minnesota on Wednesday.  OnThanksgiving, Bob's brother Jerry, his son Doug and Doug's wife Jill came from Minnesota and Grand Forks; sister Kathy and Jerry (Blessum) came from Rugby, and their daughters  Andrea from Bismarck, Julie and Dustin with Dane (5), Brody (4), and Reed (5 mo.) from Minot; brother Steve and Barb from Rugby and their daughter Nicole, Eric, and Jace (6 mo.) from Wyoming, and son Brad, Maureen, and Kimber (11 mo.) from Rugby added to the fun.

The Gang's (not) All Here!

Mother Goose (Ana) reads to Cecelia, Claire, Lydia, and Grace

Andrew wanted to check out our "attic"

Cousins Andrea, Anastasia, Jill, and Kelly entertain Aunt Kathy

Cecelia's new "hat"

Celebrating Kelly's Nov. 27th birthday with cheesecakes
Lydia, Grace, Claire (in back), Cecelia, Kelly, Andrew,
Anastasia, Jimmy, Bob, and Matthew 
Claire and her "selfie"

The "adults" had the traditional gift "exchange" after the
kids opened their gifts: Kelly, Brad, Maureen, Kathy, Brody,
 Dustin, Eric, Nicole, and Andrea. This year's theme was anything that
began with the letter "r"

The kids, of course, wanted to help the adults with their gifts.
Brody, Matthew, and Dane "help" Nicole

Jerry and Rudolph

Bob's sister Kathy created her own "turkey"

Kelly got "screened" by Kathy's recycling project: This snowman won't melt!

Doug is really excited about the gift exchange

Andrew, Jace, Kelly, Bob, and Steve waiting for supper

Matthew's "selfie"

The kids kept the adults entertained until supper was ready:
Grace, Jimmy, Jerry, Brad, Nicole, Ana, Eric, Claire, Andrew, and Jace

Bob's brother Jerry brought (and ate) the pies

Jimmy got ready to sample his prize before someone took it away.
Wishful thinking, Kelly?

Eric, is that your toy?

Lydia's "hat"

Kelly, Ana, and Jimmy went to the Corrigidor bar in Wolford
for steaks on Friday night and left grampa and gramma
with six kids and a hot dish!

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