Monday, November 3, 2014

Birthdays and Baptism in McLean, Oct. 18-19

Ana and Corey's twins, Cecelia and Lydia, turned 3 on Oct. 15th
Sara and Doug's new baby, Julia Christine, was baptized on Oct. 19th
We celebrated at Doug and Sara's in McLean, Virginia

Cecelia checks out the cupcakes and candle
Lydia gets ready to blow out her candle
The girls got matching shirts from grampa and gramma
RJ wears his new Thomas the Train shirt
Parents and Godparents (Michael and Anastasia)
Julia Christine with her godparents
Bob, Donna, and the kids wait for the ceremony at the church
The kids decorated their own cupcakes at the birthday party.
l to r: Sara, RJ, Doug, Ana, Cecelia, Claire, Lydia, Bob

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