Monday, May 12, 2014

May Moments and "Move-ments"

Early planting this year (May 22) because I am leaving for Miami on the 28th.  The tomatoes went in first--the rows hit a "curve" implying that maybe the gardener used the cups before sending them to their doom. Cody said it looked like my GPS wasn't working right!  Note the lumpy soil at the south end. I had to rake the lumps to get my new "planter" to work (second pic)....sort of looks like levees between the rows! :-)

Andrew and his classmates made their First Holy Communion on May 4
We crossed "the Mighty Mississippi" en route to Wisconsin on the train

Trina and Annika found someone to help them shop in Baraboo

Matthew and his best friend

Andrew and Matthew had swimming lessons (indoor!)

Grace rearranged furniture while the boys swam

Grampa helped Grace make a necklace

Gramma modeled Grace's new hats and caught Grace smiling :-)

Andrew's class took charge of the May Crowning

Guests on May 4th helped celebrate Andrew's 8th birthday and 1st Communion
We went to Iowa to help Tom and Trina get their house ready for the big move after Andrew's big day.
The girls "swing" while the boys play football
Caiden (on left) takes off
Ari and Anni play "monkey"

Coach Tom give's Jett the cue for the next play

For Hire: Annika "does" windows!