Friday, March 28, 2014

March 2014: Heading home via Cleveland and Buffalo (MN)

I haven't figured out how to put these in chronological order, so use your imagination! :-)
Claire was "beam-ing"
Gymnast and her fans

Three leprechauns greeted me in Buffalo

During my four-hour layover in Cleveland, I took pics at the office

Susie and David took me to lunch, to the office, and shopping for Lebanese bread
Ready for beddie

I got stuck--glad I paid my AAA

We became bikers the day after Mommy and Daddy left

This is mother playing at Forest Hills in 1937
Corey, Ana, and the girls came to swim at the motel
Swimmers: Cecelia, Lydia, Claire (I think)
The girls are "puzzling"
The snow princesses had "snow-eo-porosis"--they shrunk every day
Tom and the kids create a "photo op"
Ariana opens her hair salon
Claire's new "do"

The hot tub was more popular than the cold pool

Ana celebrates her "non-event"--the kids made the cake!

Mother is a member of the Cleveland Sports Hall of Fame

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