Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas 2013 in Cleveland

Jimmy, Kelly, Matthew, Grace, and Andrew

Annika, Jett, Tom, Trina, Ariana, and Caiden

Trina, Marissa, Kelly, and Sara-do they look hungry?

Jimmy and Kelly's kids pose with Mary Anne, Aunt Lou, and Sitoo

Sitoo with all the grandkids (Ana and Corey's kids in photo held by Sitoo)

Annika dances for Bud, Tom, and Jimmy

Aunt Lou and cousin Beverly George

Bob and cousin Rich Betor discuss economics

Cousins Bud Shalala, Bev George, and Marcia Haddad

Cousins Chuck Hoven and Margie Bray got married in June

The Irish cousins: Debbie, Tim, Chrissy, and Ray

Diane and cousin Najwa

Red is "in" for Diane, Susie, and Mary Anne

Rich with the youngest Betor, baby Emma

Doug helps Caiden and Jett engineer a Lego project

Robbie with her two oldest granddaughters, Hanna and Chloe

Annika with the newest McNamee cousin, Nolan

Donna treated us to breakfast at IHOP

We "hopped" for this opportunity

Gracie, Casey, Macy, and Annika at Kevin and Leanne's

The burqa girls :-)

Santa Donna watches the kids open gifts

Sitoo with Matthew, Andrew, Ariana, Annika, and Caiden

Sara takes time to smell the flowers sent to Sitoo by Mary Jo and Jane

Santa at the Grand Forks airport

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