Monday, July 22, 2013

July 17-22 Bismarck, Medora, Killdeer, Minot

First, we headed to Bismarck for the Germans from Russia convention
Then, we drove through Theodore Roosevelt National Park at Medora

 This fireplace was made from scoria.

The red rock scoria is found in SW ND

Our pitchfork steaks were great, and so was the musical! When we left Medora, we headed to Killdeer to visit Kelly's parents and eat juneberry pie. (How did Nancy know that was Bob's favorite?) Then we went to Minot for the State Fair!

Monday, July 15, 2013

July 14 KC Mass and Peace Garden

It's (almost) five o'clock somewhere 

View from the top

Dad is carrying the Papal flag (yellow one)

Golden Barrel cactus


Part of the collection given to the Peace Garden

Friday, July 12, 2013

July 3-5, 2013 Butte St. Paul and Lake Metigoshe

Dad said gramma took him here when he was a kid.

History was made here...

Dad at the top of the mountain
Rub a dub dub....Dane, Parker, and Brody
R U Ready?

Get set.......(I get seasick watching this one!)

They're off and "floating"

Back to Cedar Rapids June 30-July 1

We went to Jason and Tiffany's for a picnic and I spotted these flowers--
a must-have for me--in their yard. Now I have to find some in ND

Anni and Tom waiting for s'mores

Thursday, July 11, 2013

First Stop: South Bend, Indiana May 30-June 2

Me, Peggy Woodin Green, and Susan Hoehn Sullivan
at our 50-year reunion at St. Mary's
The best part was staying with Rick and Susan and catching up on 50 years!

South Carolina June 3-9 and Pat's favorite pizza shop

This is the only pic I got of Pat's house
Lily Grace came to show us her new baby sister
I didn't get a pic of the baby (Fifi's grandchildren)

Cleveland June 9-25 and Miami June 27-29,S 2013

After we went to Cleveland for Mary Anne's birthday,
we returned to Miami--to the new house :-)
Mother and Ashante

Sweetie actually came in the pool with us!

Sonise and Mother
Pease porridge hot?

Mealtime was "busy" at Sitoo's

Jett, Annika, Caiden, Macy, Madison, and Ari--after the zoo and a swim

RJ is ready to slide

Kids with Sitoo

Bueckers family with Sitoo
Happy Father's Day, Kevin
Mark, Kevin, and David share the cake
Susie couldn't find a birthday cake for Mary Anne, so she "improvised"
Grace and RJ share the slide

Johnson family with Sitoo

Girls' Weekend in Spring Green June 28-30, 2013

Friday night at Arthur's--then we headed to see "Two Gentlemen of Verona"

We shared a yummy dessert
Saturday night supper at "the bank"
Ari is ready to shop

The babysitter took the kids uptown for tattoos
Jimmy got a road shirt so the kids could drive while he slept

Sunday breakfast at Arthur's

Jimmy's pretend birthday with a real gift!

Some of the guys shared their space with us!
Grace shows off her tattoo

Getting ready to head to Buffalo and Cedar Rapids