Monday, October 21, 2013

Miami Oct. 26-27th: 102nd birthday Party and Game!

Brian, Aunt Lou, Bobby, Michael, and Fifi

David, Bob, Susie, Sharon, Mother, Ashante, and Cora Ann

Sitoo with Ariana, Jett, Susie, Tom, Annika, Caiden, and Trina

Lydia, Cecelia, Claire, Ariana, Grampa Bob, Ana, and Donna

Cecelia, Ariana with Lydia, Grampa Bob, Brian, Michael, Pat, Mother, 
Ashante, Cora, Fifi, Sharon, and Joseph

The kids analyzing a video game after lunch
Sitoo with Ana and the girls

Waiting for a ride home

102 birthday cupcakes at home after the party

With Cousin Rich and Carla's kids Chloe and Emma
David, Susie, Bob, and Bobby before the game

The Canes take the field--led by Sebastian the Ibis

Tom, Trina, and kids in their box

View from Donna's suite
At "court" on her real birthday, Oct. 13

Sunday, October 20, 2013

We went to the Hostfest in Minot on October 4th

We went to the "Alabama" concert.  Jeff Cook and Randy Owen signed my t-shirt
Diane and friend(s) and the annual Scandinavian Festival

Gary Lewis (without the Playboys) sang "This Diamond Ring"

Gary Puckett (sans Union Gap) sang "Young Girl"

"Flo" of The Turtles

Matthew and Gunnar Nelson with Randy Owen of Alabama sang "Garden Party"

The Nelson twins did a tribute to their dad, Ricky Nelson

Chuck Negron of Three Dog Night

The Nelson twins said the term "teen idol" was coined for their father. Their mother was the daughter of Tom Harmon (Heisman Trophy) and their uncle is Mark Harmon (actor)

"Tigirlily" daughters of Kendall Slaubaugh (Wolford grad) did their Hostfest debut

The Lego masters went to some schools and let the kids "create"