Thursday, September 12, 2013

Alice comes to visit Sept. 7-10, 2013

You're not in Kansas any more, Alice!
Alice met a tall, dark, handsome man in ND

Yes, we are in the middle of "nowhere"

Actually, we are in the center

Not quite "five-o-clock" at the International Peace Garden

Packin' up at the funny farm

Relaxing before swingin' off to Minnesota

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Shuffled off to Buffalo, Aug. 19-20, 2013

Ariana got her braces removed!

After swimming we headed to the Mexican restaurant

Everyone was hungry

Eating is fun!
Heading home

"Back home again in North Dakota"

Wedding and Garlic Fest in Hutchinson, MN Aug. 10-11

Trina, Ari, Ana, and Ann enjoy the fun
Jill, Jennie, Ann, and Ana at the bachelorette fete
Sibs are "sibbing"
She really is a "saint"
Jerry, Barb, Steve, Bob, & Kathy munchin' at the garlic fest
The ribs were awesome
Caiden, Jett, and "friend-ly" cat
Caiden, Annika, Ariana, Jett, and Miss Garlic
Tom and Trina join the fun
Ari got "gourd"
The morning after the night before

August 12-19 Anni and Caiden in ND

I think we got our $8.00 worth out of this bike!
Snack time



The fish

Debbie hooks up the tracks for the kids

Anni takes a ride

Monkey at Ellery Park
Yee Haw!
I'm not lion--this one was real
Out of the mouths of lions
Monkeys watching monkeys at the Minot Zoo
Diggin in Rugby

Over I go
Upsy Anni


Love that merry go round

How far is "down"?

Scary slide
Please grow!
Caiden gets to help Grampa
Helping gramma
They love helping Grampa!
Don't tell Mom we did this!
We helped pick the garden
They are "Deere"
In the "red" now

This isn't scary!