Wednesday, August 7, 2013

July 31-Aug. 6: Girls just like to have fun!

Lydia chews the corn while Cecelia chomps the hot dog

Claire examines the cob!
We "rode" the train in the Wolford school playground

"Miss Claire" is teaching Cecelia and Lydia
"School" is out for the day

This job has its "ups and downs"

Lydia and Cecelia get a little help from their friend

Claire loved the seesaw

Cecelia's ready to spin the ball

Lydia caught it and spun it again

Claire could whip it all the way around
Back home, Claire threw her hat over her head--right onto the roof

She got the ball pretty high in the air, too!
Cecelia--taking care of her "babies"
Claire and "Elizabeth"
Lydia said her bucket was "heaby"

Ready for a game of "catch" Cecelia, Lydia, Claire
Bucket heads
Grampa to the rescue
First convertible ride

Lydia, Claire, Cecelia
Lydia gives Claire a push

Cecelia's turn

Cecelia's testing the sprinkler

Lydia and Claire clean their toys

Lydia washes her hands
First combine ride

Time to turn off the water

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