Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cleveland June 9-25 and Miami June 27-29,S 2013

After we went to Cleveland for Mary Anne's birthday,
we returned to Miami--to the new house :-)
Mother and Ashante

Sweetie actually came in the pool with us!

Sonise and Mother
Pease porridge hot?

Mealtime was "busy" at Sitoo's

Jett, Annika, Caiden, Macy, Madison, and Ari--after the zoo and a swim

RJ is ready to slide

Kids with Sitoo

Bueckers family with Sitoo
Happy Father's Day, Kevin
Mark, Kevin, and David share the cake
Susie couldn't find a birthday cake for Mary Anne, so she "improvised"
Grace and RJ share the slide

Johnson family with Sitoo

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