Friday, July 6, 2018

July Flies By

We usually go out for breakfast after church on Sunday,
but the kids thought the DQ was a better option.
(They did eat their "real food" first).
Monday was baking day:  Cecelia mixed up
the chocolate chip cookies.
Claire and Lydia worked on the cheesecake.
Made on July 2nd, all gone by the 4th!
Gramma hid some of these (cookies..not kids)
 in the freezer.
After the summer reading program at the library,
we went up to our camper at Lake Metigoshe.
The girls had some "lake time" before supper.
Then we went to the "Skinautiques" show
The girls jumped;
And the guys jumped.  It was a great show.
On the 4th, we were in the Lake Metigoshe parade!
I think there were more in the parade than watching!
Then we drove to Rugby and ate at the Coffee Cottage.
And watched the Rugby parade 
while filling our bags with candy. :-)
The pool was cool when we got home,
and so were the freezie pops at the after-pool party.
(They had pops after every pool party; this pic,
taken on the 2nd, was the best.)
Grampa was breaking down a swallow nest under the barn eave.
(Don't try this at home)
The girls, of course, had their ups and downs on the loader.
They also "helped" put the tractor away. :-)
After playing some tennis/pickleball in Rugby,
the girls decided to be "catty," so they
painted their faces. :-)

The girls had never been to Medora, ND,
so we called Jimmy and Kelly who
live only an hour or so from Medora,
and they met us there on July 8th.

We saw this pretty cool truck en route to Medora.
The plan was to meet Kelly at the Trapper's Kettle in Belfield
for lunch, but we arrived just after their electrical fire.  
So, we drove to Medora and ate at the Cowboy Cafe.
Andrew, Matthew, Kelly & Luke, Grace, 
Lydia, Cecelia, Claire, and half of Bob.
After checking in at the campground, Kelly took
the younger kids swimming. Andrew taught Diane
how to play "Texas Hold-em" before we
went to the museum to learn about Harold Schafer,
the creator of the Medora tourist town, 
the pitchfork fondue, and the musical.
Schafer made his money with Gold Seal products:
Glass wax, Snowy Bleach, and Mister Bubble among others.
The kids enjoyed the camp playground before supper.
Matthew and Luke swinging.  You can see the cabin
we had behind them.  Jimmy and Kelly and all seven of the kids
stayed there.  Bob and Diane (wisely) slept in the camper.
The cabin had two bedrooms, a loft, a double futon,
a bathroom with a shower, and an eating space plus a 
small deck with a table and a picnic table off the deck.
The girls slept (sort of) in the loft.
After the pitchfork fondue and hot dog dinner,
the kids climbed rocks before the musical at the
amphitheater behind them.
 Matthew (blue shirt), Claire, Cecelia, and Lydia
went onstage and received their own (plastic) 
microphones after learning some clog steps.
 Taking a bow....
 "Entertainment" during intermission
 Jimmy entertains himself....
Closing scene of the musical
Andrew, Matthew, Claire, Lydia, Cecelia, and Grace
"met" Sheriff Bear after the show.

July 9th..the morning after the night before...
 Just outside New Salem, ND, is the world's largest cow.
 Salem Sue got bigger and we got closer!
 Bob helped the kids "milk" the cow.
 "Udder nonsense"
 Bob and the girls decided to "go over the mountain" behind "Sue"
 But all that they could see was the other side of the mountain...
 Salem Sue's view of the kids and camper.
After lunch at the bottom of the hill,
we met Grandma and Papa Martin
and the kids went to spend some time with them.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Jun(e) fun(e)

On Monday, June 4th, Bob headed to Killdeer to help Jimmy.
On Monday night, this tree fell down in our yard.

On the 9th, Diane flew to Cleveland
to surprise Cousin Mary Anne for her birthday.
David and Susie met Diane at the airport and 
they went to Aladdin's to eat before heading
to Donna's new condo.
On Sunday, Diane surprised Mary Anne after church,
and that evening Leanne, Chris, Tim, Susie, David,
Mary Anne, and Diane went to Michael's for dinner.
We forgot to take pictures!!

 Cousins Leanne, Chuck, and Diane had lunch at Frank's on Monday.
Later, cousins Najwa, Chuck, and Robbie came 
to sort out some "stuff" that Uncle George and Aunt Mary
had saved for many years!
 Irene and Diane reminisced about St. Mary's 
over lunch at Donna's condo on Tuesday.
 Wednesday was lunch at Nate's with cousins 
Bev (on right), and friend Angie (on left) who bought
Mother's condo, Marcia, Chuck, and Fran. 
 Later, Angie took us to the condo to see some renovations.
 Leanne hosted a picnic on Wednesday evening
with Tim and Chris, Ellen, Kira and Mark, Mary Anne,
Katie, Madison, and Macie, Susie and David, and Diane.
 Mary Anne and Katie celebrated birthdays!
A lot of hot air :-)
 Sweetly cutting the sweet cake together :-)
 Opening gifts?
Maddie has her cake and eats it, too,
while Macie, and David play chess.
 The condo is on the 16th floor, 
so I took some pics.  This is one West view.
 Another view to the West--hoping to convert 
one of the tennis courts for pickle ball!
 Leanne on the balcony that faces East
Lake Erie :-)
David and Susie treated us to dinner
at Mahle's on Friday night.
After an ev-eat-ful week, 
Diane flew back to ND on Saturday, June 16th.

On Thursday, June 28th, 
Ana and the girls came to the farm. 
That night the lightning hit one of our trees,
and burned off a branch! 
Ana left on Friday morning so that she and Corey
could head to Spain. Later that
day, we took the girls to the Pierce County Fair.
The booster seats fit in the back of the pickup.
The first thing we saw at the fair was "Farmer" Claire,
two "dogs" (Cecelia and Lydia), 
and the "hired man" (Bob)! :-)
We saw these "cows" "moo-ving" around!
Can you guess who they are?
Cecelia, Claire, and Lydia (l to r) 
The girls enjoyed the 4-H livestock show
 and posed with another "kid" that they met :-)
 This lizard was part of a traveling zoo,
 and so was the T-Rex we saw later.
 The bracelets were a bargain...
 because the girls
 went on most of the rides at least
 three times! (before and after our steak supper).
 The "Frog" was Claire's favorite...
 Lydia liked the "Fun Slide" the best,
 they all loved the "Dragon,"
and Cecelia's favorite was the "Wacky Cowboy."
We could feed the animals at the "petting zoo,"
including the friendly Alpaca.
The "kids" loved the "kids"
and the food shared by the
kids.  The girls said the liked the bunnies the best.
 These "pirates" (Cecelia)
 tried (Claire)
(Lydia) to scare Gramma Diane. :-)
On Saturday, the 30th, we went 
to the kids' musical in Cando.