Monday, March 12, 2018

"March-ing" 2018

Nancy, Diane, Wendy
Charlotte, Delores, and Kathy
(ones in red have March birthdays)
We celebrated at the Olive Garden

Friday, February 2, 2018

February 2018

Looks like Bob was having more fun
than I was at the end of the month.
Can't figure out how to get the video
to run on the blog.
Tom, Jett, Caiden and friends
met Bob in Colorado for a week of skiing!
Bob arrived back in Texas safely
without broken bones or crutches! :-)

Closing out the month 
with an acrylic art class
Basically, what we did was pour paint into a cup
with a medium, and then we dumped the
cup upside down on our tiles or canvas.
...pretty much "go with the flow" after that
(a simplified explanation because that's all
I understood) :-)

Sunday at the beach
on South Padre Island
Supper at "The Painted Marlin" on the island

Birthday, 2018 :-)
The kids sent this....pretty funny! :-)
Two people at the airport 
asked if I taught English!

Birthday yummies with a great pic
of the Terminal Tower 
Thanks, Cousin Leanne! :-)

Kathy, Nancy, Wendy, and I had lunch
at Stefano's--a day early because of Ash Wednesday.

 The waitress brought me a birthday cheesecake, 
so we all shared it--yummy!
The gang came for red velvet cake that evening,
and we watched the Olympics.
Bob bought the flowers for me.

Great Greenville, SC, restaurant--
They steam the bagels to make them soft!

 Cousin Sharyn met me in South Carolina 
for her brother Pat's funeral
 Thought this looked like a Chihuly
at the airport, but couldn't find a sign.
No, not snow--just flying above the clouds :-)

On the beach at South Padre Island

"The Beach Boys"--Dennis, Bob, and Jerry
We ate at "Daddy's" on the island.
This guy was hungry, too!

Evening tour at Estero Llano Grande
 The moon came out just as we began our tour
 The guides said we would see scorpions,
but this was the spookiest thing we saw
 It really was pretty, though
Blue light made this spider glow in the dark

Saturday, January 13, 2018

A New Year: 2018--January

Lunar eclipse over La Feria, Texas!
Note the time sequence.....
My camera is still set on "Miami" time;
it's actually 6:27 a.m. in Texas

 This came out "double,' but it looks pretty cool

A distance shot...

 You can barely see the full eclipse--it was a blue moon
 While the moon was eclipsing in the West,
 the sun was rising in the East

Friday, January 26th
A local businessman made a chicken dinner
for everyone in the park!

Bob changed the shocks on our  Uplander, 
so we took the old ones to the local junkyard.
It's not always warm down here!

 New Year's Day 2018
View from Donna's balcony

On Jan. 2nd, we flew to Texas

Our first trip this year to the 
Padre Island Brewery
Diane, Wendy, Bob, Mark (the owner), 
Bill and Susie (she was Jerry's tour guide on his VietNam trip),
Dennis and Nancy
 The annual Causeway walk from Port Isabel
to South Padre Island was on the 13th.
Wendy, Bob, Diane, Jerry, and Dennis
walked the 5K. Nancy met us on the Island
for breakfast at "Yummies."
 It was 40 degrees when we left the park,
but into the 50's when we were walking.
A bit windy on the bridge, but we're almost to the end!
Sunrise en route to Port Isabel for the Causeway Walk

Texas tailgating--Bob, Jerry, and Dennis watching
the Eagles/Atlanta game in Jerry's "Texas room"

Sunday, December 10, 2017

December 2017

Sunday, December 31st
We closed out the year and found
 St. Hugh's church down the street from Donna's

Cousins Rich and Carla, their kids and her parents
joined us, Corey and Ana, and Donna
 for an early New Year's Eve dinner.

We flew to Miami on the 27th to
celebrate New Year's at Donna's 
and attend the Orange Bowl game 
between Miami and Wisconsin 
on the 30th.

 "Flash" befriended some tailgaters and tried on
a "U" chain which is a symbol of a sack on the field
 Cousin Sean, Flash, and some tailgaters
 The Badgers take the field (and the game)
 The Hurricanes lost their wind in the 4th quarter
Halftime show at the Hard Rock Stadium

December 26th at the Mall of America
 The Mall used to be the Twins stadium...
Harmon Killebrew hit a 520 foot home run marked by the chair!

Christmas at Tom and Trina's 
There were 24 of us celebrating an Iowa Christmas.
The kids' shirts are a map of Iowa with a star 
by Cedar Rapids. They say, "Fritel Family
Christmas 2017"
The Gang's all here: Ariana, Andrew, Jett, Caiden, Claire, Matthew,
Annika, Grace, Cecelia, Lydia, R.J., Julia, and Luke
Key: Black, Trina's; Red, Jimmy's; Purple, Ana's; Blue, Sara's
 Mom, Dad, and "the kids"
 The Grinch even showed up :-)
 Yummy Joe's Stone Crabs--
Thank You Emilio and Lucy!!!
 Julia wanted to hang on Mommy's leg, 
but Trina and Sara wanted to hang on their mommy's leg
 Annika with the laughing dog!
 Grampa Bob and his "Pope Soap"
 Tom and Trina, our exhausted hosts
 The Grandkids exchanged names
 "Lucky 13"
Andrew and Tom discussing Lego construction...
Ana's girls opened gifts when we stopped
en route to Iowa.  They came down later
with some honey-baked hams--we brought
Theresa's German potato salad and macaroni
salad......mmmm, good!
 We swam at the pool in Buffalo
and the girls read stories to Grampa...
Go Dog Go! is a favorite for another generation.
First stop: Fargo, so Bob could check out the
Germans from Russia section of the NDSU library.
We visited our friend Ray in the nursing home,
and Diane did some shopping at the NDSU Bookstore.
 This was the weather we faced when we left home.

 Our tree--which is actually the top 
of Gramma Fritel's tree
Dec. 15-17 We went to the Farmers' Union
Convention in Bismarck
 View from our picture window
There's nothing like a North Dakota sunset!