Monday, April 22, 2013

Our most recent jaunt: April 2013

First, we headed to Ana's and swam with the girls. The after-swim "tubbie."
Then, Claire gave us a ballet "show." Claire and part of her audience
From Buffalo, we headed to Jimmy's to take him a tractor, so he could pretend to be a farmer.    Andrew examines the roll of quarters we took him while Matthew wonders what it's all about.
We were early for Andrew's birthday, so we had a "pretend" party
From Jimmy's we headed south!
Tom, Caiden, Annika, Jett, and Ariana are ready to get their pics taken for the church directory. Trina and kids in "normal" clothes below.
Caiden's "pretend" birthday party--a week early
Caiden opened the gifts from his cousins and us
Well, we got rid of one red tractor at Jimmy's and brought another one home from Buffalo.
Upsy daisy
Got 'er done and brought it home....and I thought we were getting rid of things. Silly me :-)

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