Friday, July 7, 2017

July--the second half of 2017 begins!

July 30th: Tom, Trina, and kids met us in Medora.
 Waiting for the "pitchfork fondue"
We met Teddy Roosevelt, his wife and his son
 All of the kids in the audience went onstage!
(Kids are free on Sundays and Wednesdays) :-)
"Teddy" Bear and the mayor

July 29th: Bob's birthday and a trip
through The Enchanted Highway
 We zipped past Zap en route....
In 1989 Gary Greff, a local artist, began creating
sculptures from recycled metal.
"Geese in Flight" (2001) along Interstate 94 is
an enticement to drive down the Enchanted Highway
"Deer Crossing" (2002)
Greff created a maze at the deer crossing.
Bob is a-maze-ing :-)
"Grasshoppers in the Field" (1999)
"Fisherman's Dream" (2006)
"Pheasants on the Prairie" (1996)
"Teddy Rides Again" (1993)
"World's Largest Tin Family" (1991)
"Wirly Gigs"
Regent, ND, home of Senator Dorgan
Greff opened the Enchanted Castle in 2012.
He is working on "Spider Webs" now
St. Elizabeth church in Lefor was built in 1929
We camped at Belfield and went to the Chuck Suchy concert.
He is the ND State Troubadour. He sang "Happy Birthday" 
to Bob during the concert.
July 28th: A day at the State Fair in Minot:
This was my favorite--all real flowers

July 23rd:  Tom, Trina, and kids spent a night
at the lake en route to the 
Canadian Rockies: The kids are wearing
their Lake Metigoshe shirts.

Jett and Annika slept in the camper with Grampa and Gramma.
The rest of the family stayed in the motel across the street.

July 22nd: Ahmed came from Chicago to
visit friends Dale and Marilyn. He cooked, 
so we and Jim and Deb were invited
to a Lebanese meal (above the funeral home)
Ahmed said that his brother was a tour guide for Donna
when she visited Lebanon during the Clinton administration.

We spent the second week of July in Bismarck.
 The Heritage Museum had a special chocolate exhibit.
It was a great history of the "growth" of chocolate,
 but they didn't have any free samples. :-(
We also went to workshops at the
Germans-from-Russia Convention ,
and met Msgr. Shea, the President
of The University of Mary.
 Spent a couple of days in Minnesota
and experienced the breakdown of our car,
a night in a motel, two rental cars, and
a couple of round-trips from Fergus Falls to Fargo.

We spent 4th of July week at Lake Metigoshe
 Diane's traditional flag cheesecake :-)
 The lake fireworks were on the 3rd, 
so the pickleball club picked up trash on the morning of the 4th
 Not sure how much "improvement"  the Association does....
 The only "equine" in the parade
 "Flying jeep"
This train came "barreling" down the road 
 Golf carts were "in" that day
Bob "scooted" along at the end of the parade 

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