Thursday, September 17, 2015

August, 2015 We "gathered together" in Cleveland for Aunt Lou's funeral

Jimmy and David hanging out after the funeral
Donna, Kelly, Trina, Pat, and Mark at the table
Trina, Julia, Sara, Donna, Kelly, Tom, and Doug
at our "favorite restaurant" in Cleveland
(my mother's condo)
Doug and Jimmy
Naptime for Luke (and Jimmy) 
Sara, RJ, Ian, and Marissa
Luke and RJ
RJ swam (Check Sara's blog for Doug and Leon's pics, too)
Someone's in the kitchen with Leanne...
(RJ, Ian, and Marissa)
Trina, Luke, Julia, and Sara
I think Trina is Luke's #1 babysitter
for Jimmy and Kelly
Tom and Jimmy
(Can you tell that Donna brought us all new t-shirts?!)
Someone gave me this photo at the dinner after the funeral
I don't know who took it, but my scanner wouldn't work,
so I had to take a pic of the pic