Wednesday, November 11, 2015

October 24-31st Whirlwind

We flew to Sara's in Virginia on the 27th
Five states in four days!
Slide in the park by the library
We played at the mall at Tyson's Corner
Grampa and RJ have matching caps..."Oh, Deere!"
Doug's "ab exercise"
Julia and RJ rock
Julia "makes a bucket"
RJ eyes the target
Choo choo train?
The builder, the puppy, and the Pope
I like Sara's costume the best :-)
Upper body exercise for Doug
Sweet swinger
Rockin' RJ

On the 26th we traveled to Jimmy's in Wisconsin
Grace smiled wearing Gramma's mask--
I didn't get a chance to photo the boys

Grace and friends
We drove to Trina's in Iowa on the 25th
 We had a "pretend" birthday party for Annika

Annika shared her cupcakes after Ari's dress rehearsal
for the "Humpty Dumpty" play
The kids wanted jelly, salsa, and pickles from North Dakota
Mom shared her garden surplus with the kids

We headed to Ana's in Minnesota 
after Sarah Sattler's wedding on Oct. 24th in Leeds
Claire, Cecelia, Gramma, Lydia, and Grampa say "cheese"
Grampa Bob reads a funny book--
or...Funny Grampa Bob reads a book!
Cecelia is all pumped up
Lydia gets ready to pump
The girls are "swingin'"
Mint plant travels to Min-t-esota
Claire's artwork
Kissa explores the tomato box
Our first stop was in Fargo en route to Ana's
We saw Fred Fritel at Mass in Fargo
We took Pope Francis to Mass in Fargo

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