Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Surprising Donna! April 30, 2015

We are ready to surprise Donna!

Sergio monitors Donna's arrival on the screen

She is escorted from her office to the Student Center

Donna expected about 20 people at the Board Meeting
200 showed up!

They rolled out the "orange" carpet for her

Chairman of the Board Stuart Miller welcomed everyone

Bruce and Stacey Berkowitz donated funds
for the Donna E. Shalala Student Center

Donna finally notices us

Jon Secada sang "Somewhere..there's a place for us" to Donna

Donna says "Thanks"
Cheerleaders, Maniac, Sebastian, and about 1500 people
greeted Donna in the courtyard
Model of Donna's glider which will be built at the Rat
She really does have a twin (not very many people believed her)

"Donna" and Diane :-)

Guess who came to dinner!

Tia Fifi gave Julia a piano lesson
Hanging out in the hallway
Ana and Sara enjoyed the weather
Trick photography

Pat took us to Flanigan's for the world's best ribs on Friday!

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