Friday, April 24, 2015

John Deere Rules!

We headed to Waterloo from Cedar Rapids to see John Deere
Interesting tour--Bob, of course, understood more than I did
The first All-Wheel Drive tractor
Cool wheels
I think Bob liked this one
The guide said they plan to have rotating displays,
so we could go back every time we go to Iowa (yay)
After the museum, we did tour the Engine Works Plant,
but we were not allowed to take pics.  I liked the robots!

Jett's First Communion: April 11, 2015

Happy kids before Mass: Annika, Ariana, Jett, and Caiden

"The Innocents"

Family photo op after Mass

Jett with Grampa Bob and Gramma Diane

Ari's team had a volleyball match

April 7-11: Heading Home, but First to Buffalo and Spring Green

When we left Ana's, we drove to Spring Green
to meet the "littlest Fritel," Luke Daniel born on March 26th.
Big sister Grace loves to hold him.
Mark and Jennie had left their baby Logan with her parents
when they drove to Texas, so when we flew back Jennie brought
Kendra and Logan to the motel pool in Buffalo.
(Ana feeding Logan, (10 1/2 months old) Bob, Jennie)
Kendra "hides" from Lydia, Claire, and Cecelia
Fun in the pool--not in the sun
After the swim, the kids changed in our room,
then we went to the Mexican restaurant next door for supper.
(Kendra, Claire, Lydia, Cecelia, and Logan)

The Last Hurrah: April in Texas

Bob bought a TV antenna in Mexico in January,
but he couldn't get it to work.  When Mark and Jennie came
in March, Mark figured it out.  Note the antenna hanging on the fan.
(Madisen, Kendra, Mark, Marcus, Wendy, Jennie--pretty amused by our contraption)
Bob noticed a similar antenna on a neighbor's place,
so he bought a second antenna.  Do you think we could change channels
by turning on the fan? Note the date!
(Jennie, Jerome, Bob, Wendy, Madisen, Kendra, Mark, and Marcus)
Last day in the pool at the La Feria VIP park.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Busy March in Texas

Bob and "the Jerrys" at South Padre Island
The courtyard at UT Brownsville after a history of Texas lecture
The waiters sang "Happy Birthday" to Delores at the Olive Garden
Kathy, Diane, Charlotte, Delores, Wendy, and Nancy
Bob kills a peg
Diane and Nancy "Koob-ing" (Kubb?)
Art by Mattei at one of the many Harlingen art displays
I liked Mattei's iron works more than his carvings
The neighbors at Citrus Village had their own St. Pat's parade!
Modern stained glass at Mary Immaculate church in Harlingen
More windows
Mexican army at the Texas Independence Day Celebration
in San Benito
Bob signs the Texas Declaration of Independence
Listening to the music
Texas history
We didn't "trade"
The Mexican Army takes The Alamo
Kathy and Jerry check out the barbecues
Lunch at the New York Cafe in Harlingen
with Gary and Bobbi Mitzel
Do they look like tourists?
An invitation too good to resist! 
Nuevo Progreso Parade
Pics like this make Diane glad she stayed home! :-)
Jerry Blessum, Bob, Jerry Fritel, Dennis Doyle

 Betting on the horses at the year-end campground picnic

 Bike racers

One of the vehicles in the cart races

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

"March-ing" in McLean, VA

Diane flew to DC to visit before going back to Texas from Miami

Good thing there are cute kids in McLean.
Eight inches of snow arrived the day after I did!

Family racing cars

Doug and the kids watching the Duke game
Sara wants to play with Julia's Legos
in the Lego room at the Building Museum
RJ teaching Gramma how to make cookies
The Building Museum is "kid heaven"
This room had foam building blocks and hundreds of kids
Two "kids" in the Lego room