Tuesday, March 4, 2014

2014 January in Texas

Entering the park in La Feria, Texas

Our future "Winter Texan" home with Pierre and Pat La Plante

Kurt and Brenda came to check out fishing sites in Texas
We found something besides fish in Mexico

Shopping in Nuevo Progreso

Jimmy, Kelly, and the kids traveled to Texas
First we had a "pretend" birthday party for Matthew
at the condo on South Padre Island

Then, we ate at Senor Donkey's

The Harlingen airport had a water fountain

and we all walked across the Rio Grande to Mexico,

of course we also "grew" mustaches to "become" pirates,

and Andrew had one foot in Mexico and one foot in the US!

The pirates taught us how to "swab the deck"

We saw the South Padre road closed by blowing sand

And we saw both the old and new bridges across the bay

We "hatched" our own turtle

And...we made it back safely!

It was a hard day's night at a Beatles' concert

Doctor Pepper's band made it to Texas

View of the Gulf from our South Padre condo

Beach Bums

View of the Laguna from our balcony

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