Monday, November 18, 2013

Hunting and Hockey: Nov. 13-17

Heading home with a hay rake on the trailer

Matthew and Andrew suited-up to play

Andrew, Matthew, and Jimmy "with" Uncle Jerry at the Engelstad Arena
Post-game "feast" at McDonald's

No deer, but we got a mouse!

We "hunted" in the basement and found these--yuk :-(

The "dear" hunters: Andrew (7) and Matthew (4)

Friday, November 8, 2013

Halloween and Heading Home

Plane fun

Lydia loves the ride

Cecelia chatters
Claire clowns
Airport clean-up

Bye Sitoo

Cleaning crew

Leaving on time--that's a.m. on Sitoo's clock

Pushing Mommy's buttons?

You are here--at the Miami airport
Sitoo and the kids

Anni and auntie Lou


A Brave girl and two fairies

Claire the Brave

Cecelia having a ducky lunch

Who is that masked man?

Pizza party at the pool house

Ready for The Great Pumpkin

Got guts?

Sitoo and Cecelia

Ready to trick-or-treat


The girls and the ghost


Trina and her Gramma

R U Ready?

Great-great-grampa had red hair, too

Sunday is fun day with Ann and Chad and kids

Sitoo, Ana, and three sets of twins

Nephew and niece Chad and Ann and Zoey, Lucas, and Brayden joined the gang

Jett, Caiden, Lydia, Cecelia, Ari, Claire, and Annika at Donna's

Ana with all the twins

Ann, Zoey, Ana, Cecelia, Lydia, Diane, Lucas, Donna, Brayden

Fun in Florida

Claire sails her boat

Gramma Diane and Cecelia

Swimming lessons

Cecelia takes a break

Rub-a-dub-dub seven kids in the "tub"

Let's get Daddy

Please release me...let me go

We can swim without help!

Splashpad at Pinecrest Gardens
Relaxing after our "splash"

Checking out the swans at Pinecrest Gardens

Mommy joins the fun