Thursday, December 20, 2012

Latest travels

Claire is 4!

Cecelia helps Claire celebrate

Lydia is thinking about that cupcake

Matthew came to the farm to hunt


Grampa has become the "chair-man"

of the "boards"

Yay God!

More work of the "chair-man"

Jett's making breakfast!

Still hungry, Caiden?

Ari and Anni are happy!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Back to Iowa and Minnesota

Jett, Ariana, Annika, Gramma, and Caiden in Iowa

On the move in Minnesota-Cecelia, Claire, Lydia

Attempt at a family photo-Ana, Cecelia, Claire, Lydia, and Corey

Claire helps Lydia and Cecelia celebrate birthday #1 

Fun in Spring Green, Wisconsin

Andrew in action!

Matthew assessing the situation!

He scores!

Andrew's team wins!

OK, this is what we're going to do....

Just step and kick....

Grace in action at the soccer game :-)

The awesome kids and the pretty tree in their yard

Andrew enjoying the "fall"

1st grader, Andrew, at his desk at St. John's school

Matthew at St. Luke's  preschool

On to Miami

101 Years of fun!

A gift from "Sweetie" (the dog)

Mother is 101; Chloe is 1 (Rich and Carla's)

The president came to Miami but didn't have time to come to Mother's birthday party

"C" is for old Chicago....Miami vs. Notre Dame-Oct. 7

Anastasia and Corey

Katrina and Tom

Sara and Doug

Kelly and Jimmy

The whole gang!

Eating Thai food in Donna's suite

Donna never quits working

The guys-Tom, Jimmy, Doug, and Bob

The girls and RJ-Ana, RJ, Kelly, Trina, Donna, and Sara

View from our hotel room

Out the window!

Grandparents' Day at Jett and Caiden's school

Jett demos the number board

Caiden and his architecture project :-)

Caiden at his "locker"

Jett at his "locker"

To Cedar Rapids, Iowa, for more fun!

Ariana at gymnastics--future Gold!

Annika with her new helmet

Darth Bueckers (Guess who?)

Jett looking longingly at his birthday presents

Testing? or Tasting?

Check out the book title!

Jett and Caiden--engineering a waterslide for their cars

Tom and kids trying to play Monopoly--a "trying" experience